Catching Up.


I convinced the Hubs to come out to the barn with me.  And I ran out of fly spray.  And I'm chubbier in the saddle than I thought I was, so the resulting photos are quite interesting.

The Kid wasn't bad, for all the bugs, but he was solely focused on the bugs.  I had a hard time getting him to consistently move forward, but, eventually, he was warmed up.  And we jumped the cross rail a couple times and then I set it up as a tiny vertical, which he knocked over.  I laughed and called it a day and the husband ran and hid in my car, to get away from all the bugs.  

After looking at the photos, you can see that, while really sloppy, he's keen on jumping.  His ears are pricked and he's locked in.  And then we land and he's good for about a stride, but as soon as I settle back on his back, he flicks his ears and tosses his head.  Like, he hollows.  Which tells me that his back isn't ready for rider-jumping.

Also, in some of the photos, I've got him on a loose rein, but his mouth is open.  I've since dropped the bit a hole, which I hope helps.  (Sorta want to switch to a bitless bridle, but not a hackamore.)


The chiro was supposed to be out at nine, but called and rescheduled to 10:45.  Let me tell you why this pisses me off:  I had plans and she gave my appointment time to someone else.  Double-booked us, really.
I have to keep telling myself that this lady is good at her job, even if I don't like her.  There, I've said it.  I don't like my horse's chiropractor.  She's got that same horse-expert personality that makes these people unpopular to the non-horse world and makes me want to scream.  She also seems to think that she has some special relationship with Archie, which.. no.  She's no more to him than his farrier, neither of which would he miss.  (For the record, I'm not sure that he would miss me, either.)  But, god.  She talks to me like I'm an idiot.  She tried to tell me how to hose him off.  I interrupted her and said that I already knew how to hose a fucking horse.  Okay, I didn't drop the f-bomb.  But, really?  She also tried to tell me about "fly socks", even after I'd already said that he wore fly boots 24/7.  Evidently, she'd never heard "fly wraps" referred to as "fly boots."  Well, I've never heard them called wraps.
She wasn't impressed with his improved topline, even though it's only been two months and he was out of work for two weeks.  I told her that I didn't anticipate a change this quickly, so I wasn't disappointed.

I did learn something interesting from her - "horsie sit ups."  It's this maneuver of pushing on their butts, next to the tail, to cause them to bring up their stomachs.  He didn't like it and I don't blame him.  She thought I was using too much force when I was trying it out in front of her, so she used my arm as an example.  And I told her that her nails were too long, that she hurt, and that I wasn't using nearly that much force.  We later looked at my arm and I had the indentations from her nails still pressed in.

So, I'm supposed to continue riding five times a week, get him to do three or four sit ups after every ride, and recheck in two weeks.  She feels we've backslid even though I feel that performance has improved.  Husband thinks chiros are full of shit and this is a ploy for her to come out more often.

God, this is a long entry.  I just have so much to say.

After the chiro left, the boarder (who I'm tolerating more and more) and I spent about half an hour scrubbing the algae out of the water trough.  We're both resentful and planning on moving.  I had thought that BO had a tree chopped down and nicely stacked - turns out that it was BB's dad.  I did learn that the other barn I'm interested in is building run-ins.  And!  BB knew of yet another small, privately owned barn that she really liked.

I never knew we had pigs.
D and I went to lunch, went shopping, and took my Humane Society photos.  Spent the afternoon watching Harry Potter and then went downtown.  We went to my favorite little martini bar, Jen's and Friends, and ended up talking to the people next to us.  The woman was actually new to the city, her brother visiting.  We really hit it off, talking.  She's military, awesome, chatty, and has a giant tattoo on her forearm.  I gave her my cell phone number and she actually texted me yesterday.  She's looking for someone to do things with, as her position in the Army limits her interactions with her work.. group.. thing.  She's a commander, I guess.  Anyways, I was really stupid stoked about meeting someone that I liked.  Hubs, who isn't fond of half of my friends, was equally excited because he feels that this woman has achieved things.
Sober at Jen's.
Beer at Moon River.
Drunk at Moon River.

After Jen's, it was Moon River with dessert at Jazz'd.  I have to admit:  I don't remember a lot of this because I was drunk.  :)


Since the chiro visit ate the morning on Saturday, we got up at cycled around the apartment.  I just am not nearly as fast as my husband.  I either have to accept that or figure out how to fix it.

Lunch was at home, followed by a chiro-approved "light ride" in the woods behind the barn.  It was the weekend for wildlife!  We saw a deer scampering about and I was so impressed that Archie didn't care.  Maybe he sees them all the time.

After the ride, we ran a few more errands: Target and grocery shopping at Publix.  I almost bought a fedora but decided against it at the last moment.  It was still pretty early when we got home, so I had a small snack, waited about half an hour, and headed to the track.

Hubs ate this.
The goal was seven miles and seven miles were achieved.  :)  The husband met me immediately afterwards at our Mexican restaurant, where I drowned my sorrows (none) in beer and he had some fancy thing.  Turns out that someone from high school was in town and eating there, which is odd because it's the "local" Mexican place, not the tourist Mexican place.

Today, I have to go get more beet pulp at the feed store, ride, and then go to the gym with the hubs.

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