When I worked for a non-profit back in AUG, we had some downsizing.  Like, the entire marketing department.  I was fresh out of college, the youngest and most computer-literate, as well as the lowest on the totem pole.  So I taught myself the basics of Photoshop and started making flyers and invitations and Googled the fuck out of things.  And I felt pretty good about my accomplishments (even though, looking back, I was pretty lucky that I made anything reasonable).

When this baby blog hit 2k views (currently at about 2.5k), my husband offered to have it professionally designed.

And I sorta got my feelings hurt.

I like the colors that I've got.  The black.  The blue.  The hot pink.  It's like a teenage girl's dream.

But my blog seems to be a little different than the others that I read.  It's a lot horse, but it's not just horse.  I share more about my personal life than the other equestrian bloggers that I read.  But it's so much horse that I'm not sure non-horse people would be interested in it.

So if I had it professionally designed, what would be the theme?  Owls riding horses?

(I'm on such a gray kick, as it is "the new black", that I have been thinking about light gray/yellow/turquoise color combinations.  Eh..)

Tonight's a light night:  easy ride on the Archman (not sure if I'm going to do dressage saddle or bareback trail ride or actually pull out the Stubben and do some work) and an ab workout.  I'm planning on cooking spaghetti squash and fiddling with things - like the photos D took the other day.  Maybe making a new ghetto header for this thing.  Maybe finally convincing him to buy me the domain I want for my photography.

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  1. Most of us read blogs through Google Reader or RSS in email that I think theme designs are lost on most.

    1. Touché. I haven't gotten into the whole reader thing (except with blogs that I don't have on my blogroll), so I guess I need to jump on the bandwagon. Still, though... I want pretty things. :)

    2. Then get pretty things! I still did a Blog layout even though I know the reality of the majority of "my readership" LOL