My old trainer from Augusta sent me a text this morning to see if I had read a facebook status from one of the women who had been on the equestrian team with me.

I hadn't because I blocked that chick from my feed because... well, she posts a lot.  And it's all petty or dramatic or full of shit.  Otherwise, in real life, she's really nice, pleasant to be around, and drop-dead gorgeous.  She rides really, really well.

And now she's trying to be lone equestrian from her parents' country for the 2016 Olympics.

I mean, I wish her the best.  That's certainly a lofty aspiration and I applaud her for having dreams.  And if she's got enough to show her sponsors now, maybe she'll get the training to be ready then.  As far as I've known her, she's been a sole hunter/jumper and trail rider.  I don't know enough about the format for the Olympics, but I'm guessing she's not going to be doing dressage or cross country.  Individual for show jumping or something?

It's weird, too.  She's in that country right now, where she doesn't live, riding someone else's horse over giant fences.  Why isn't the person who trained that horse trying to qualify?  Or.. is this horse just a talented jumper who is being asked to jump even bigger fences than normal?

In reviewing some of the posts, it seems that she cracked a rib.  Again, I applaud her for having dreams.  But don't have dreams that result in injury and/or death.

While talking to my old trainer about this and how I felt this woman was a better rider than me, she told me that I did not give myself enough credit and all I lacked was confidence.  I seriously felt like I had been wrapped in rainbows while galloping on a unicorn.  We can build confidence.

And in that respect, tonight is a ride night.  I'm hoping to do some jumping, if he feels good.  The chiropractor is coming out tomorrow and we've never really discussed her thoughts about him being worked prior to an adjustment.  I'm thinking that I'm going to work him semi-hard tonight and then trail ride him early tomorrow.  Surely, if anything, a trail ride will just make him more flexible for her.  Maybe.  :)

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  1. "But don't have dreams that result in injury and/or death." I don't think I agree with this statement, if that were true then we shouldn't be riding horses - says the girl whose horse fell on her lol.

    1. I think there's a definite difference between a freak accident - Carlos falling - and this chick trying to jump over her height in fences. Horseback riding, done safely, is a realistic dream. Jumping a six foot fence on a strange horse (when you don't regularly jump four or five foot fences) is not a realistic and safe dream.

      I guess what I'm going for is that dreams are good. Stupid, unsafe dreams are not good. Knowing limitations and taking reasonable steps to achieve that big dream? Good. Taking a black diamond after conquering the bunny slope? No good.