Game Day.

So, yesterday, the hubs and I took a psychotically short trip to watch the University of Georgia whoop Vanderbilt. The game was in Athens, GA, which is a four and a half hour drive from Savannah.

We left at about eight, dropped the girls off for boarding and headed out. We drove straight (except for potty breaks) to Athens and immediately had lunch at the Taco Stand. Lunch was followed by shopping at a tack store just outside of Athens. I got a belt by Equine Couture, a bag, two containers of Nicker Makers (he loves them!), a 2 quart rubber feed bucket (for when his stall is locked and he needs his beet pulp), and a wound spray, since the blue ointment exploded in my mes box. And hubs bought a cat scratching post. I tried to talk him into buying me a racehorse Trail of Painted Ponies. No go.

After that, we headed to downtown Athens for shopping and drinking. We had a few at one bar and then were walking towards some shops when D magically disappeared. I was able to discern that he had darted into another bar. They had a sign outside advertising his favorite seasonal: Southern Tier Pumpking.

In our shopping adventurers, I acquired a new Kavu purse and a Kavu clutch, both in shades of blue and gray. We went into one store that had Sugar Gliders. In my inebriated state, I educated everyone within listening distance about everything I knew of them.

Dinner was at my favorite vegetarian restaurant, the Grit. And then on to the game.

I don't know anything about football.

We left in the third quarter and drove an hour and a half to my mom's new house. Then got up at eight and drove back home.

Now, I'm waiting on the chiro, then I have to take humane society pictures and a soccer game in three hours. Lunch?

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