Holiday Weekend, part dos


Sunday was a crap day.

We got up and did the normal stuff - dogs, cats, walking, walking - and headed to the gym.  The plan was go work out, change, eat lunch and go directly to the beach.

The working out was fine.  Except, and I hate to be this petty, D was able to do a work out multiple times that I couldn't even do once.  Not one time.  It was this:

D's inspiration.
I don't have the pecs or the triceps or whatever it is that allows him to do it and inhibits me.  I was way bummed.  I've been able to match him pretty fell so far, maybe not as many reps and certainly not as much weight.

We left the gym and ate at Firehouse Subs.  The whole point was because it was en route to the beach and had diet vanilla coke.  The vanilla coke flavoring thingy was jacked up and was spewing cherry instead.  And while we were on the one road to take us to Tybee, we realized that it was crazy holiday traffic.  We were stuck in the same spot for about half an hour and succumbed to the fact that we weren't going to make it to the beach.

Went home, cleaned up, and watched Margaret, which was a creepy movie.  Sad.  I couldn't figure out why Anna Paquin was in it and why she was playing a 17 year old girl, when D googled it and told me that it was actually filmed in 2005 and just released after some legal issues.
I had somehow convinced my hubs to come out to the barn with me and take photos.  So, I cleaned up the horse and put on nicer riding.  When we were all ready, it started thundering like crazy.  Boo.  No photos.


We slept for a whopping eleven hours.  The plan had been to go retry those photos.  Fail.  Crawled out of bed, took care of the kids, and hit the road to Hilton Head Island for outlet shopping.  D's boss gave him a gift card for Brooks Brothers, which I hadn't heard of.  Fancy man-focused (the women's clothing was gross and uber preppy - think retired school teacher of a private academy) clothing store.  We blew that gift card pretty quick.  The outlet that we were at was actually pretty swank.  There are two centers, both with a pretty awesome selection.  The one we went to today was recently remodeled and we'd never actually been to it.

Stores we hit up:  Saks Fifth Avenue/Off Fifth, White House Black Market, J. Crew, Adidas (squee!), Bare Escentuals, Brooks Brothers and Under Armor.  Probably spent a little bit too much, but I got some great stuff.  There's a giant thrift store that we've tried to go to several times and it was still closed. 

Lunch was a seafood restaurant that we love on the marsh.  D actually treated the owner, who lives in New Jersey and only comes down a month a year to make sure things are still going well.  Hush puppies.  Yum.

Came home and took a much-needed nap and headed out to the barn.  I rode while BO fed and he was a good boy.  Trying to increase the distance that we trot, so instead of counting minutes, I've been counting laps.  Unfortunately, it's a pretty small amount of area, so it takes a lot of laps.

I did a little course of trot poles, a fallen limb and then the one crossrail.  And back the other way.  I can't get over how good he was!  He's gotten a little lazy with the small things - trotting like a lesson pony over the jump rather than jumping - so I think I might start raising the height.  I won't jump him again until Friday.  
Tuesday:  workout/run
Wednesday: bareback ride/workout
Thursday: workout/run
Friday: ride/workout
Some of those workouts will occur at the gym, thankfully.  Slowly weaning my husband off of Shaun T.

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