Holy Schnikes, Batman!

So, let me back up to last night.  I went out to the barn to give the Kid a ride, seeking something a little more intense than the recovery ride on Sunday.  While I was in the tack room, I saw a note from BB to the BO.  I mean, there are only three horses here.  Only three women.  How did we get drama?

But, damn, am I impressed with the size of her gonads.  She also left a canister of some generic flea powder stuff that I, in my veterinary experience, probably wouldn't use.  But whatevs.  At least they're doing something.

I bought alfalfa cubes and beet pulp - thinking that the alfalfa may help cut some of the sugar high out of the beet pulp, but not wanting to quit the beet pulp completely because it's supposed to help with the digestion of other stuff.  Not a nutritionist, so I'm really just winging it.  At my old barn, they used the soaked cubes with the old guys, so it's something like that.

The ride was pretty decent.  I actually looked at fly spray but didn't buy any because I thought my SmartPak would be here tomorrow, when it really isn't slated to arrive until Thursday.  Boo.  :(  Yeah, so rode pony.  Pony was good.  Worked out with husband.  Husband was good.  Progress to this morning.

And then I lugged two almost-40#
bags up two flights into my attic.
I got a call from the BO telling me that she was going out of town this weekend and needed me to feed twice on Saturday.  That's perfectly fine.  I never knew that BB's horse got a scoop and a half, so I asked to write everything down for me.  (BTW - I get nothing off my board for feeding.  This place is that sort of fucked up.)

The other part of the conversation was that *gasp*, she's going to have the vet out!

Before BB came, BO had two horses out there.  The second gelding, Atlas, was a retired police horse that she used for lessons.  I won't get into it, but his death was ten shades of fucked up and shouldn't have happened.  But not my horse.  BO blames my vet for her horse's death.  I do not.  I continue to use my vet because I think he's an awesome vet and he does good work.

So, she uses someone else and wanted to know if I wanted to have her vet do Archie's "fall shots."  Archie gets vaccinated in January-ish and June-ish, so he's good.  Then she said that the vet was going to have a dental person with her (WTF?) and did I want Archie's teeth floated.  Fuck no.  My vet does that, too.  (Not to brag, but he's actually on the equine dental board thing for the country. /brag)  Then she said that BB wanted Coggins pulled.  Well, shit.  Shouldn't that be sort of an automatic thing?  I understand that the old guy hasn't gone off the property in a bajillion years, but he's had two new horses come to the property.  Anyways, I told her that it had already been done on Archie for this year, too.

I'm stoked that someone is going to come see her guy.  I'm hoping that she floats the fuck out of his teeth and that he stops dropping shit.  And I hope that the vet doesn't give the bullshit excuse of "he's old" for his emaciation.  

In closing, here's the report from the chiro:
I got a new computer and the paint is kicking my ass.

If you go back to this entry, you can see that it has more circles this time.  :(
I swiped this off fb because I liked it.
A set of many carriage teams in my city.

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  1. I see an Archie/Carlos carriage team in our zany future, another half cooked plan courtesy of me!

    1. Oh, god. Can we stick to lead line? I don't think there's enough Ace in the state of Georgia to make that possible. :)

    2. We'd have to torb them to death, I imagine it would look something like Mr. Toad's wild ride but with horses and buggy vs. automobile.