Little Donkey.

So, the last day that BB and I rode together, we went on a trail ride.  I meant to write a post about this, but, le sigh, I forgot.

The initial part of the trail ride was fine.  We were walking.  Archie likes walking.  I found out, though, that Archie does not seem very keen on following.  We worked on it.

After a ten minute battle to get Duke to go by the rooster (because, of course, it's so much more reasonable for me to wait while she risks bashing her unhelmeted head on trees and stuff instead of just letting Archie lead the way by the damn rooster), we finally got to the road that we all like to run on.  Except, I'd already worked the poor snot and he had the chiro visit coming up.

First, BB says that she really wants to canter Duke.  Then she says that she's supposed to be cooling him out.  Then, she gallops off.

I had that brief thought that it could be like the movies - I'd kick Archie into a gallop and we'd catch them and when we'd pass her, I'd shove her off her horse, giggling all the while.  The snorting mess below me quickly brought me back to reality.  I had a few options: 1) go after them, not knowing how either ex-racehorse would react, but knowing that Duke had been a shit earlier and Archie was currently being a shit or 2) stand my ground and make the little bastard listen.  I opted for number 2.  Which, to my shame, ultimately required me to dismount and walk him in tight circles, until he was being more reasonable BB brought Duke back.

I mounted, we started to go by the way we came.  I asked if Archie could lead.  And she allowed it for all of fifteen steps.  (Okay, now?  I'm sorta glad she's gone.)

After that shit fest, last night I decided to take Archie back out into that area - the meadow/dirt road.  They'd recently mowed it, so I thought it would blow his mind a little and we could have some fun.

I didn't expect crow hops and eye rolls.

I didn't expect to have to press my bruised calf into his side to stay on.

We made a couple circuits around the meadow, before I thought I'd successfully gotten the message across that forward is always the answer, no matter the question.  Not up, not around, not sideways.  Definitely not short-strided and stupid.  Then we went to the front pasture, where I normally ride, and worked on going forward some more.  I guess we're going to be working on this forward thing for a while.

I'm tempted to ride tonight, even though it's my running night (do both?) because I think this weekend will be a small mess.  My husband's birthday is Sunday and I've got a few things planned.  He doesn't know if he wants to celebrate Saturday or Sunday, so I've already told the soccer team not to expect me.  And Tuesday is our second anniversary.  So, yeah.  Maybe get in as much riding as I can while I can.

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