More Photos Than You'd Ever Want to See.

Sorry.  :)
A photog I like specializes in dogs and "crazy ball face."
This is "crazy fly face."  (His.  Not mine.)

Even with the bottom muzzle chopped off, I think Hubs did
a good job.

One of my favorites.


Oh, hello there, handsome man with a camera.

I can't tell if I'm on the wrong diagonal, but it wouldn't surprise me.

"Crazy fly face."

Trainers have spent years and hours trying to teach me to stop
crossing my arm over my body.  It goes back to the hunt master
and her "indirect rein."

Posting, but check out that neck!


Blurry, but he reaches under pretty well.

Grumpy ears.

Into the light and still listening and/or grumpy.

Ohh, correct diagonal.  Go me.

The hollow at the start of the right lead canter.  I probably
wouldn't be keen on the dead weight driving her force into
my spine, either.

A tiny bit better.

Done, Mom?

Little crossrail.

Happy Kid cantering.

Our little vertical that the right front
promptly knocks over.

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