Retreating to a Walk.

Before I got all sorts of into the chiro's demands (downward transitions, lots of work, work, work, sit ups, freaking out over muscle sensitivity), I really enjoyed devoting Wednesdays to riding bareback.

So I did that again last night.  And I'm, normally, the lazy bareback rider.  I'm not going to ask him to jostle me all around his back at a trot - that's not comfortable for either of us, what with his high withers and sore back - and I'm not going to ask him to canter me, except occasionally.  Just don't do anything stupid and we can meander on at a slow pace for a little while.

Last night, though, I asked him to get more forward.  To work at the walk.   To frame and maintain and get that almost trot walk, with his head bobbing and his ears pricked.  I worked on moving my hips, which tend to get stuck.  And bringing my legs forward, grasping with the calves, toes up and in.  It was actually sort of a hard workout and we both had a little bit of sweat at the end.

This is sort of a fun week.  Tonight, we're going to a special cupcake tasting for the fall selection at Gigi's.  I feel like cupcake elite.  I feel like I might need a blog specifically for my cupcake addiction.  We can make a correlating graph between my weight and the number of cupcakes I eat a week.  And, of course, the corresponding photos of me standing on a scale, crying, as I shove down another cupcake.  Ah, bliss.  But, hey, they're gonna have champagne!

And then Saturday, the hubs and I are going to the UGA game.  I'm not a big football fan, but you can't marry a Georgia alumnus without having a little bit of black and red pride.  Also, I like to drink.  And I like to dress up.  And I like to travel (or, by "travel", I mean sleep in his car as he drives).  But this requires that we get the girls' vaccines updated, which I'm doing tonight, and board them Saturday night.  And return to Savannah by noon on Sunday to rescue them from doggy jail, so we'll be driving from Athens to Augusta in the wee hours of Sunday morning, sleeping at my mom's and her husband's new house for a few hours, and hitting the road again at the butt crack of dawn.  Wee. (This is when I wish, sincerely wish, that I had fostered better friendships with the people here so that I could just ask someone to spend the night with the girls or to pick them up from the kennel and drop them off at home.  Gotta work on that.)

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