Saxon Equileather Zip Paddock Boots - Adult

I don't know where this week went.  Pretty damn quick, though.

I rode on Wednesday night.  The plan was pretty simple and one I'll probably alternate with, so we work that topline: two laps at a brisk walk to warm up; four sets of a lap and a quarter at a trot with a downward transition to walk and about twenty feet of actual walking (I might need a crop for this in the future because when we go to walk, we lose all impulsion); reverse and repeat.  I had a slight issue of him bulging right when tracking right down the small decline.  I remember my trainer telling me once that Archie wasn't the sort of horse that you just sat on - he appreciates the communication, even if it's a correction.

My new paddock boots are in!  I haven't even opened the box.  They are Saxon Equileather Zip Paddock Boots.  Size Giant, Color Black.  Before I bought them, and when he came out to take my photos, I showed my husband how thoroughly the sole had separated from the rest of the boot.  I know he was joking, but he asked me if I'd gone through all the proper ghetto boot repair steps:  electrical tape, gorrilla glue, duct tape.  I think it sort of surprised him that I said yes.  And I had!  I can't remember how long I had those boots in Augusta, but they were starting to fuck up when we first moved here two years ago.  I just hope these new things fit well.

Wednesday night, we also did a secret Insanity ab workout.  I found three videos online that weren't released with the kit, so D was super-excited (..... yay....) to do them.  And then!  I cooked!  Just for me, though.  D had his own dead thing in the oven.  I don't have a finished product photo, or, really, any decent photos, but I made spaghetti out of spaghetti squash.  Let me just say:  those people who say spaghetti squash tastes the same?  LIARS.  It was sort of gross, but yeah, I'll eat it again.

Raw spaghetti squash.  Then you cook it (bake) and the
insides turn to little spaghetti strands. 
Last night, we went grocery shopping because we were out of ketchup.  Ketchup is that important in my household.  I'm sort of ashamed and sort of not.  Then we spent a minute talking about birthdays, as both of our birthdays and our anniversary are all coming up within the next thirty days.  Scary.  I told him what I wanted as my combined birthday/anni gift (and it meets the 2nd anniversary cloth requirement!): the Contender II.  He gave a brief "holy shit, that's expensive", but I showed him all the reviews.  Maybe it'll help with the chiro costs!  And after all that, I ran, we did a recovery workout, ate, and had our weekly cupcakes.  Yum.

Tonight, I'm going to try to ride again (in my new boots!).  I also got this fancy effervescent brush cleaner that I'm going to try soon.  I meant to try it last night, but I got lazy.  It has good reviews on SmartPak.  I'll post pictures when I actually do it.  I feed tomorrow and I also plan on giving the Kid a bath in a liniment shampoo that I also just ordered.  I know.  Wasn't I just talking about money?  And soccer starts Sunday.

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  1. I used the effervescent brush cleaner and it was ok, not worth the repeated cost, I just use dish soap and hot water to clean my brushes.

    I agree spaghetti squash does not taste the same! I think Archie will like the BoT pad, and I've heard great things about ThinLine so I thinkt he combo will be great!

    1. Aw. All the reviews on the cleaner were really, really good! I was wondering how it would do with just some alka-seltzer or denture cleaner.

      I'll let you know (I'll let EVERYONE know!) how the saddle pad does! I'm excited! I certainly couldn't justify the cost otherwise.