Yay, Friday!

Grumble. The blogger app doesn't tilt to offer a larger keyboard. So I'll make do!

Let's start with yesterday.

I took the girls to the vet. When I made the appointment, they asked if there was anyone I didn't want to see. I replied that the doctors didn't matter because, hey, tech only appointment. But then I thought that it would be AWESOME if a tech who I hate and who sucks didn't touch my girls. This is me being a neurotic bitch, but it's also the five years of vet med telling me that this tech lacks skills. If I have a choice, this is it.

After the appointment, when I was paying, one of the other receptionists came from the back and said that this idiot tech was bragging about having touched my dogs. I was furious.

She didn't administer the vaccines, but the fact that she willfully touched them and then bragged. Ugh.

D and I talked about it. Nail in the coffin. Switching vets.

After I recovered from that, we went to the tasting. A few very nice cupcakes. And alcohol.

Today, I bought a red belt to go with my black shirt for the game tomorrow. I've got a training this afternoon and then riding the kid. If I'm lucky, I'll get a ride in before we leave tomorrow. And then the chiro comes out at some point on Sunday.

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  1. yummmm those cupcakes look awesome!

    1. Hah! I wish I could say that I made them instead of bought them! They were GREAT!