28 Years, 363 Days

Between deluges.  Oh, hay, Mom!
I think my math (logic?) might be wrong.

Anyways, the 29th quickly approaches.  I haven't got definitive plans for the day, because everything I'd thought of has fallen through.

I wanted to get a new tattoo (I got my second tattoo on my 19th birthday), but my guy is completely booked, all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

I wanted my husband to meet me for lunch, but I think his schedule might be full.

I wanted to go shopping, but I don't have any money left (between Archie's shoes and his chiropractor).

So, I'm definitely not working out or running.  It'll probably just be a long, lazy horseback ride (jumps?!), a nap on the couch, some photography and dinner and drinks with the husband.  I'm still highly anticipating that saddle pad.  I'm starting to wonder when he actually placed the order - because, duh, I know how quickly things from SmartPak ship.

Last night, which is a normal ride night, was absolutely disgusting.  It was cold and rainy - me no like.  I opted instead to bum out in clothes that shouldn't be seen in public and go to the laundromat with Archie's nasty pads, fly mask and boots, and girth.  I get a little fascinated in watching the water get dirty and spin around.  And I meant to stitch up his blankets last night, but the laziness won.

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