29 Years.

On this day, 29 years ago, my poor, dear mother was pushing an IV stand around a military hospital in Germany.  She definitely had a rough night.

So, my birthday, thus far:

Slept late.

Ate another pumpkin bagel.

Walked the dogs.

Renewed my car tag.

Rode the pony - COULD NOT STOP GRINNING.  Fantastic trot work, great little jump session, canter in the meadow and a nice, monster-sized, back-swishing walk.

Met husband for lunch.  The food took so long that he had to leave before it arrived.

Home to relax.

Husband surprised me with tickets to see Muse in February.

Photoshoot with a professional, JAB, for breast cancer awareness.  Yes - this means what you think it means.

Now, home to relax until the hubs gets off work.  Then it's Jazz'd and drinks at Jen's.

Photos, in no particular order:

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  1. 1) Happy Bday
    2) Yay Pad!
    3) WTF Cadbury Screme Eggs where did you find them I've been looking everywhere since that horse show weekend and the gas station but grrr!

    1. They're at grocery stores, drug stores, convenience stores, etc here. I can send you some if you'd like. :)

    2. 1) Thanks!
      2) OOMMMG! THE PAD! It's really, really nice. He was grunting, so I guess it felt good, too. Now I want to get it monogrammed and sleep with it at night.
      3) Hey, I didn't know the damn things existed until you posted a picture of one. And now I'm hoarding them. I had all the shipments to the West Coast redirected to my house. :)

    3. The I will need to get Julie to send me some because I've found 0!!

    4. Hahaha, let me know if Beka hogs all of them. They have Halloween boxes full of them here too!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!

    YUM that food looks amazing!!!

    And yay for an awesome ride!! :)

    1. Thanks! It was soooo much food! I think I gained five pounds this weekend, between the alcohol, chocolate and edibles. No regrets!

  3. Happy birthday! I LOVE the Scream Eggs.