All Hallow's Eve

When I put Archie's sheet on the other night, I left a note asking for the BO to take it off yesterday morning. When I went to the barn last night, he was wearing it again.  Why wasn't I concerned?  I knew BO had taken it off and put it back on because the buckles were all jacked up.  Yay for marginal incompetence!

Last night, after walking dogs and doing miscellaneous other things, I laid on the couch for a half hour.  I knew I needed to run but I also knew that it wasn't going to take me very long to pump out three miles.

The track was absolutely deserted.  It made me wonder how many of my running not-friends are going to be there on Saturday.

The city has started setting barrier pieces next to the appropriate intersections.  Yesterday, a coworker gave me a summation of a news brief about marathon clothing.  I appreciated his thinking of me.  Today, on the way in to the office, I saw the Rock'N'Roll semi.  Tomorrow, I'll take the ferry across the river and go to the expo to pick up my "swag bag" and other information.  If I have time to blog on Friday, I'll include more details on what that entails.  For my normal 5s and 10s, it's just a bunch of flyers about other runs.  And safety pins.

After the run, it was a quick trip to Wal-Mart for things I thought I so desperately needed.  Like kitten food. Sleep aid.  Canned cat food for the feral that I saw at the track who screamed his head off at me.  Fake butter.  Side note:  we are not a butter household - be it real or fake; we're a cooking spray family.  But I can't put cooking spray on the eighteen sweet potatoes that I'm eating this week.  And, oh my god, fake butter is delicious.

Tonight:  ride.  Eat candy and watch a Halloween-ish movie.  Eat another stinkin' sweet potato and veggie burger (as another side note:  I'm not drinking alcohol or eating my normal french fries this week, while also trying to increase the absurd amount of water that I drink.  I'm down four pounds.).

If you have a spare and bored fifteen minutes, check out PicMonkey.  They've got some Halloween-themed guided edits going on.  I made D into a Day of the Dead fellow.

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  1. Pretty cool I'll check it out. Also best of luck this weekend!!

    1. I made D into other various things. I will share. Like I did on facebook. Muhahah. And thanks! Here's to not dying.

    2. I read your other post and now it's gone, but I just wanted to say lots of cool swag and I like that I smell like an elite runner shirt. Jordan could have really used that when he ran his ultras, yucky lol.

    3. Yeah, the blogger app and the blogger site aren't playing well together. I uploaded all those photos via my blogger app, but the site doesn't show them. I want to make comments and stuff, you know? So I'm working on it and it'll reappear shortly. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm all sorts of nervous/excited/over it. :)