Birthday! Pony! Movie! Fooooood!

Oh, man. What a weekend.  _So_ _much_ _food._

Even though I slept through half of it.  Seriously.  Nearly 23 hours of sleep over two days.  I guess I didn't realize how tired I was always am.

Friday night, I brought a bread pudding home for the hubby.  Went and rode the pony.  My goal was to tire his little ass out.  Normal: two laps at a walk to warm up, five laps trotting, reverse direction, two more laps, five laps trotting, two laps to cool out.  It normally takes about 25 minutes or so.  I think the lap is about a quarter to an eighth of a mile.  Something like that.

This time, we did the two laps of walk and started trotting.  We did six laps one direction and immediately changed direction at the trot and pumped out six more, with two walking laps to cool out.  He had that relaxed, tired neck at the end.  And he only had one minor temper tantrum, at the very beginning.

Saturday, the hubs and I slept in.  There's that 11.5 hours.  I can't remember the exact order of everything.  Five Guys.  Shopping.  Cupcakes.  Home to relax.  Rode the pony.  Dinner at Outback.  Home to relax.

We're at the point that greasy food is making us sick.  It's unfortunate, but I think the burger places are on their way off of our menu.

When riding Archie on Saturday, we worked more on downward transitions.  He had one stupid spook when BO was driving her truck all over her property across the street, trimming shit.  But it was lap, walk, lap, walk for about five laps.  Then a canter lap.  Reverse and walk a lap.  Repeat.  Oh, there's a branch in the middle of our path that I haven't felt inclined to move.  It's about the size of a ground pole, so I make him go over it.  Initially, he was stepping on it, but after some encouragement, he started treating it as a jump.  And, even though we haven't cantered a fence since we got here to BFE, I cantered him towards this little thing.  I can't say that it was wholly me or wholly him, but some part of our partnership realized that we were going to screw up getting to the branch and he sat back, did two small strides and popped over it beautifully. I feel like there is going to be more cantering fences in our future (once, you know, we start cantering regularly and all).


Sunday, we were supposed to get up and make pancakes for Hub's birthday.  He got up at about nine... and I got up at eleven.  There's the 11.25 hours.  So no pancakes.  We went to our Mexican restaurant and I got all the guys there to sing to him.  And I got it on video!  Then it was more shopping, home for some Supernatural and off to the movies.  We saw Looper on the "Big D", which is a giant stadium theater with amazing sound.  It's like two of a regular stadium.  Dinner was free at Cheddar's (they fucked up).  And home for one last cupcake!

At the Big D.  Damn, my husband is hot.
I'd told my team captain that I wasn't going to be there for soccer.  At about 1:30, she sent me a text to see if I would reconsider.  I said no.  It's just a game, but he's going to remember his birthday.  I felt sort of guilty, but when it comes to him or just about any other thing in my life (except maybe Archie), he's going to win.  Especially a recreational game that no one remembers a month later.  And then, to completely eradicate any lingering guilt, the team captain sent out a scathing email that only four people showed up for the game and that we ought to give her more advanced notice if we aren't going to be there.  Oh, and that "You have teammates that are relying on you and if you can't be responsible enough to let me know in advance that you will not be able to make it to the game then let me know now so I can find a replacement for you."  Dude, we all paid the same amount to be on the same freaking team.  I feel like she's getting a little power-hungry and I want to slip one of my xanax into her water.

I can't get jumps, but BO's ex can build this crap
for a hose.

Oh, random side story:  remember my anxiety-inducing plight a few months ago about leaving the water on overnight at the barn?  And how I didn't think I was going to say anything because I thought they used well water?  I was right!  I went apeshit because I couldn't find a hose with which to hose off Archie after our last work out.  All of the hoses were running all over the damn place.  Turns out, the pump failed, so blah blah blah, it's a well!

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  1. Fast food typically makes me not feel well either. Sucks about your team though!