Why is it only Thursday?

Savannah's procedure went okay.  The actual sample looked good to my untrained eye, but who knows.  Another hundred dollars later..  And it wasn't as horrible as I thought, but I think that it really helped that I and my other dog were in the room with her.  I actually restrained her (not at all normal for an owner to do that during a procedure like this, but, hell, I'm not the normal owner) and Scar sat at her face, whining.

Note to self:  post old tech photos.

Afterwards, she seemed okay and just eager to go home and lick her wound, so I went out to ride.

I hate the shortened days.  We got in about three laps either direction, doing our 10 walk strides/20 trot strides, before he started spooking at shadows.  I know his eyesight is worse than mine, and mine sorta sucks, but I still made him do some lateral movements to get his brain back in the game before we called it a night.  And then he didn't want to do his sit ups at all.  He'd felt fine under saddle, so I'm not sure exactly what his problem was.

BO is going out of town this weekend, so a friend of hers and I will be feeding.  Maybe my baby blog did make it's way back to her - or she's afraid of losing her only boarder - but she's actually offered to comp me for the time that I'm feeding.  I was sort of shocked.

Other news, other news.

Soccer and run tonight.  Ride tomorrow.  Find a costume for Saturday night.  Soccer Sunday.   Books, blanket repairs that I've been postponing, some fun time with some Shrinky Dink.  More work on my side project - just a lot of uploading, now that husband has laid the foundation.  Kittens and puppies and cats and pony.  Sleep.  Movies.  Bike rides.  Feeding.  Drinks and planning next week's outfits.  I'm trying to decide if I should buy some brown sandals to replace the two pairs that were eaten, or if I should accept the fact that it's technically fall and chicks are wearing boots to my bare toes.  Woo.

I've got a tattoo session scheduled in a few weeks.  It's stuff I wanted to get on my birthday but that I couldn't get an appointment for.  Itty bitty wrist stuff.

Gratuitous Kitten Pictures.

Achilles on the scratch board.
Freaky how he knew exactly what to do.
Aphrodite playing with a ball.
Aphrodite playing with me.

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  1. I feel like this whole month is crawling. I'm glad Sav is doing okay.