Hey Lady, You Got the Love I Need.

(yeah, continued ode to the husband)

Wednesdays have gone from a relaxing bareback ride followed by an Insanity/Asylum work out to a more stressful endeavor.  I can't say that I really like it.

I know it's important to work Archie, to build those muscle groups so that his back is better able to support us both.  But, dammit, sometimes I just want to be lazy.

After work last night, I walked the girls and went to the barn.  It was slated to rain when I got there, but the sky was just overcast without being grumbly.  I was able to get in 20 minutes of what I'm going to refer to as "micro-transitions".  It might not be the most appropriate title, as I think extended to working to collected would be significantly more micro.  Maybe... "abbreviated transitions".  I knew that the skies were about to open up, but I wanted to get some sort of workout.  Instead of doing my lap, walk, lap, walk, I broke a lap into uneven quarters and trotted him twice and walked him twice in one lap.  We did that twice in either direction, then I asked for a canter, down to a walk, up to a trot and back to a walk and then back into canter.  It was quick and messy and it started to rain before I got to the right lead.

I love his bridle.   It's by Circuit and has held up very well.

I gave him his beet pulp and grabbed his saddle and bridle to clean.  Gasp!

After the ride, I met D at the gym.  We did twenty minutes of cardio and then did a workout that PB Fingers showcased yesterday for upperbody strength.  Superset, weight, something, something.  We were tired.

Got home, D baked dinner while I cleaned tack.

When I got up this morning, I noticed a foul odor.  D was gone, so I knew it wasn't him.  :)  Turns out that Savannah's UTI came back and she had let me know and then promptly hid under the bed.  I feel so badly for the girl.  She's going to be on another course of a different antibiotic, followed by a urinalysis to make sure everything was knocked out.  They want to do a urine culture (D wants to, too), but the thought of someone sticking a needle into her bladder horrifies me.  So I might postpone that pending UA results.  The only good side is that my vet friend is calling the meds into Publix, for their free antibiotic program.  The downside is that this is all with the same GD vet that I swore I was leaving.  I'd love to drag Savannah to another vet, but mine is the only with ultrasound.  If they're going to be doing a cystocentesis, I want that needle to be guided and not blind.  Grumble, grumble, grumble.
More recent of the "Skinny Guy".  Winter coat is starting
to fill the gaps.  I hope she can see past this.
Our winter friend is back!  Husband, be prepared to be horrified!
Mystery Flower bloomed!
Kayakers in the Savannah River - both gross and scary.

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  1. Oh god... are those spiders all over? :(

    1. Not all over.... I mean, we live near the marsh. We've got random critters everywhere. And that's just a little garden spider. It's the black and brown widows that you really have to watch out for. :)

    2. And the Zombies, according to that documentary The Walking Dead, they are all over Georgia.