My husband and I have fun conversations.

I rode last night - our distance ride - and I couldn't tell exactly what felt weird.  He was loose and swinging and comfortable and bending and the tiniest bit grumpy, but willing.  And then I realized that my saddle was the slightest bit loose, so for all those big swinging trot strides, I was shifting some.  And I'm psychotic about girths being tight, so I wonder what was up with my brain.
I had dropped off yet another urine sample yesterday morning for Savannah.  No call back.  Called at about 4:30 and got the ominous "we're looking into that."  Which means that the receptionist didn't tell the vet about the sample, or the message was lost somewhere, and the pee sat on a counter for nine hours.  That's too long.  It crystalized and was no good.  The vet, who I like, called me while I was trotting on Archie.  I took the call and continued to trot on Archie and impressed even myself when I started asking specifics.  The plan is to do the goddamn cystocentesis.  I said that I had to be there.  And they're refunding me for the UA I'd already paid for.  I really don't want to do the cysto.  I don't want it done at all and it scares me and I'm afraid it's going to hurt her and I'll probably be popping a damn xanax tomorrow afternoon. 

So, something happy and light:  named the kittens.  Getting Mexican after my last pre-half-marathon distance run (probably 8 miles tonight).  I'm planning for five miles on Thursday, soccer on Sunday, three miles next Tuesday and the run that Saturday.  I might die.  That's okay.
This is Achilles, because he might be our weakness.

This is Ares, because he picks a lot of fights.

Aphrodite, because she's the lover.

Apollo, because he's the lightest (and smallest).

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  1. The Kittens are cute and your convo is hilarious1

    1. :) I'm just glad he said "home" instead of "house". Even better would have been "family", but hey.. baby steps. (I'll send a bulk package of kittens to California.)

    2. Oh god no.. I am so allergic to cats...

      I had a dream about you last night hahah! You brought all your animals over to my apartment to do Laundry and I lived on the sea... it was weird I shouldn't drink Orange Juice before bed.

    3. I was allergic to cats, too, before I started working at a vet's office. And then.. the allergy just went away.

      And I could totally see myself taking the dogs to someone's house, if they approved it, but my house would have to have burnt down or something to make me bring the whole stinkin' herd. (Shhh.. we have too many animals.) And.. clothes. Yeah, I have a shit ton of clothes.

  2. Kittens are so cute! Send one to me.

    Oh right, I already have three. And dropped $300 on one at the vet today.

    Never mind.