Oh, Sandy.

I almost didn't ride this morning. It's overcast, branches are falling, and there's a storm feel to the atmosphere.

When I went to feed, Archie was on high alert. I groomed him, and set the saddle and pad on his back, then grained Skinny Man. I gave Archie a little bit of grain and started on some barn chores. BO, I should make you a list. Water troughs cleaned, sticks picked up, hay twine recovered and thrown away. By all that time, Archie was just waiting, whipping his head around to various wind-in-tree noises.

I only rode for about half an hour, working on our downward transitions and keeping his attention. I don't k ow how to describe this or what it was, but before we really got started, I felt like his right hip was.. Kinked. Cocked. Lifted up. Curving his spine. I thought maybe it was just the way I was sitting, but as soon as we started moving it resolved.

I almost gave up when a branch, normally two feet above my head, smacked me in the face and spooked him. Yay, horses.

We did pop over the cross rail a couple times. He was hilarious. Jump it huge, trot over it, jump it huge.

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  1. The COO of my work I used to carpool with before he retired, his name was Sandy and I can't help but chuckle when I hear the storms name is Sandy.

    Unfortunately those pictures are nothing to chuckle about eeek! Please tell me if we move there in Jan we'll miss most of the scary weather!

    1. *When* y'all move here in January, hurricane season will be over. :) All you'll have to worry about is heat, summer storms, and giant bugs. Feel better?

    2. YES! Though..ugh... Palmetto bugs.

    3. Yeah... Though, you only generally see them where there's water. Bathrooms. Sinks. Keep that crap clean and you won't have a problem. ...Oh, and dirty stalls. Same solution. (Must teach to BO.)