Last night felt like a Disney movie.

We're the underdogs, getting together to practice at the Lake, at dusk.  Laughter and broken Spanish fill the air.  Cheering and gentle razzing and the occasional lecturing tone.  Running and panting and explanations.

I didn't think that I would like scrimmages, but last night was pretty fun.  We kicked the ball around a few times, talked about some decoy movements (I channeled my inner Shaun T and did some Heismens over the ball), and finally set up to play against each other.

I sound really sheltered and naive and, well, racist, but I haven't been around a lot of Hispanics before.  The occasional classmate or something (that one Colombian that I dated for a night..)(oh, and the other non-Colombian that I dated for a different night..).  And I know that a handful of women can't determine a culture (just makes me wonder how a handful of women picked to represent the middle-class working 'Merican white woman would appear).  But.. those ladies were awesome.  Language barrier be damned.  Three Hispanic ladies, friends with one of our team mates.  Our team mate speaks Spanish and one of the three ladies spoke English.  I was on a team with the English-speaking lady and a Spanish speaking lady.  It was freaking amazing.  They were funny, they were skilled, they didn't judge me for my lack of soccer skills.  (I did make a goal and it was hard.)

I don't think I master writing well enough to describe how cool it felt to broaden my horizons doing a sport I love in an atmosphere (except for the bugs) that was amazing and picturesque.

I had a good time.

Tonight, there's a plan to ride the Kid and eat frozen pizza.  We're going to be sitting down at some point and going over our finances and all that boring, stressful stuff.  We're itching to buy a house, the market is pretty good down here, so we need to get on it.  Eventually, we'll be sitting in on an eight-hour house-buying class, through my job.  ...That will also give us a forgivable loan for part of the down.  Ugh.  Grown up stuff sucks.

(unofficial) Rock'n'Roll Shirt
OPSDMC continues.
Lunch yesterday: lentils with onions and Tropical Sazon, coupled with
veggie sausage.

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  1. You don't sound racist if that makes you feel better. :)

    1. It does! I think it's something about being a white person in the south. You will learn: racism is very much alive. (I'm sure it's alive in other places, but we're hyper sensitive in Sav'h about black vs. white.)