Today is mine and the hub's anniversary!  On this day in 2010, I convinced this awesome man to be my husband.  If you haven't read our story, it's here: the Man, and here: Projectile Vomit Inducing.  I hadn't realized that I'd repeated myself.  Whoops.

Blue frosting EVERYWHERE!
Duckface is natural.  Unfortunately.
Normally, he gets up about an hour (or two.  or three) before me and is preparing to slice and dice into people when I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to wear for the day.  Today, though, is a clinic day.  Which means that we got to wake up together and he made me pancakes.  :)

I got him a few cotton things and am going to go by a new art supply store on my lunch break to see if I can get some card stock with which to make a box.  I'm feeble in my craftiness, so it make look like crap.  It's a risk we take. L. Williams, this may interest you:  we had a tiny, tiny Mom-and-Pop art supply shop that was recently bought out by Dick Blick Art Materials and took over a small shopping center, two blocks away from the original shop.  It's huge.  I'm sad for Primary to have been bought, but I'm excited to walk into this store.  (Not that I have any talent or skills, I just like that shit.)

The plan is for him to meet me for dinner downtown.  Pizza and beer.  Last year, we went to a really expensive, really nice restaurant.  It was the same place that we went for our small reception.  This year, I think we're both more focused on spending our money on better things.  Like the Contender II that I'm getting for our anni/my birthday.  Priorities.  :)

Tired Pony.
I rode the Kid last night.  I had the same plan as the other day:  tire him out.  Work those demons.  He was actually really, really good and incredibly lazy.  My vet also said that he had great teeth, but I think he needs to be checked again.  He did not want to accept the bit at all.  There were no spooks, just a stop-and-stare. We were being stalked by a raccoon.

Raccoon showing me his belly.
I popped him over one little fence.  I think we're going to jump more.  I think, since we're getting the fitness level increased anyways, I'm going to start incorporating more canter work and more jumping.  I still won't take him over two feet, but we can get up near it.  (Or not.)

And immediately after I rode, I went to the track to run.  I'd laid everything out that morning in preparation of just toting all my crap to the barn, but when I got to the barn, I realized that I had forgotten my Blessed Brooks.  So I had to go home anyways.  I pumped out nine miles (N I N E  M I L E S) and spent the rest of the night trying not to throw up.  D wasn't happy about this.  I reminded him of when he threw up at the gym, so I'm still winning because I didn't puke.  Happy Anniversary!
Aren't we adorable?
Looking sort of scared, isn't he?

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Also Dick Blick is pretty awesome store, we have them all over here, though I do love me some small Independently owned art stores, not to mention how much fun it is to go to hardware and thrift stores to buy art supplies. When I move out there if you want to get crafty I have so much stuff!

    1. Thanks! I just went into the Dick Blick and it was pretty nice! Sorta like a Michael's or a Hobby Lobby, but with only the artsy-fartsy section.

      When you move here, I'm hiring you as my teacher (wasn't that a great interview! thanks for applying!) for all things horsey (like.. riding) and artsy-fartsy!

    2. Easiest interview of my life!

      I'm hiring you to be my friend and show me everything cool in Savannah and hang out with me in Cemetary's because I'm odd.

    3. Hey, the abundant (haunted) cemeteries are part of the Savannah appeal! And there are a bunch of neat things here.. mostly food, though. Hope you like to eat!

    4. Jordan doesn't believe in ghosts (but I do!) so he said he'd indulge us by supervising on creepy scooby missions.

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    HOLY COW 9 MILES?!?! I would die...

    1. Thanks!

      You know, it's really hard. I'm sort of questioning how I'm supposed to be able to do 13.1. I want to "run" the entire way, but I'm feeling like some walking may be involved. And I still might be barfing.