The Saint and the Saddle

Husband and I were going on our weekly shopping adventures this morning when we realized that the local elementary school was having a thrift sale. Never one to miss thrift shopping (it might be one of my many addictions), we pulled in. The very first booth had treasure.

The lady was selling jewelry and I found a bracelet that I liked. But I also saw a really, really cool statue holding some bracelets. With only a twenty (D's), I asked if the statue were for sale. To my surprise, it was. $20. I put the bracelet up and told the lady that I was going to make sure there wasn't anything else that spoke to me more.

Quickly returned, grabbed the statue and the bracelet. Got both for $20.

The story was that he is El Santo, hand carved in Guererre, Mexico and the lady brought him over herself. Score.

In regards to the ride, I decided to try out the Wintec that I'd ridden in for about five years before I bought the Stubben I currently ride in. I've always thought the Stubben was miserable on my butt, but oh my god. That Wintec stabbed my tailbone and cause my hip angle to close, pushing me on to Archie's neck. It was so incredibly uncomfortable. I didn't realize how much the Stubben did for my security and position.

In the Wintec, I asked for the canter. He hadn't given me any issues to this point, so I was shocked when he exploded and started bucking. I pushed him forward and when he stopped bucking, he gave me this ugly, super high canter. I started to get pissed off, but remembered the chiro saying that most bad horses were actually just in pain.

I took him back to the barn and switched to the Stubben. I took Hume back out to the ring, trotted and had a super smooth transition to canter. Stopped, praised and called it a day.

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  1. Bucking pony = no good. I love Stubbens. My first love was a Siegfred circa 1995.

    1. Uh, my Stubben might be older than that. I have the feeling that it's.. uh.. vintage. Yeah. Vintage. Classic. Old. As. Shit.