I just found out that the fellow who leads and developed the system that my husband and I did, and with which said husband lost nearly a hundred pounds, got married!  To another fellow!

Let me wax poetic about why this thrills me, even though it doesn't have a damn thing to do with me:

  • Changes the stereotypes by which we judge (and we all judge) homosexual men.  Shaun T, of the Insanity fame, is one hell of a hot and buff man.  Whoo.  I hate to say it like this, but that "limp wrist" thing absolutely does not apply to this man.  So while it isn't going to be one giant step forward for mankind, it's still something.
  • He was somewhat covert about it, while also being ballsy.  First, it's none of our damn business who he loves/marries/sleeps with/trains.  It's not.  We don't have the right to know that information about anyone.  So, he deigned to tell the masses and he was classy and sneaky:  he retweeted and mentioned his best friend and his new hubby.  
  • He was able to get married to another man.  I never made the decision to like boys and neither did he; we're both wired the way we're wired.  And I will fight for his equal rights.
In other news, less global and more local, I've got (almost) nothing.

I ran last night and it felt amazing.  But my last run prior, when not chasing a soccer ball, was a week before and only three miles.  I was pretty fresh.  I've got to remember to relax and just carb up the week before the actual half marathon. ..I also think I pulled my left hip flexor when jumping an imaginary line.

After running, I went by the barn to give the Kid his beet pulp.  After the funkiness on Monday, he definitely wasn't going to be worked yesterday.  Tonight, we'll do a light ride and then I'll meet the husband at the gym.  I briefly thought about hopping on him tomorrow, too, but the soccer team is getting together as well.  Cap't wants to eventually do 3 on 3 scrimmages with another team, but that seems silly to me.  I'd rather just learn drills.  I spend enough of my soccer time playing other people with my mad lack of skills.

The Kid came up to the gate and called for me.

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