A Pleasant Feeling.

It's weird how events that I picture as purely positive don't affect me like events that have variable outcomes do.

This time last week, I was amping up for the half.  I was a ball of stress and anxiety and carbs.  Lots of carbs.  I was snarky and reached a level of bitchiness previously only reached at horse shows (but no where near the level of my wedding day).

This weekend, I've got just as much (okay, maybe not as much) excitement going on and I'm cool.  No anxiousness, no bitchiness, just preparation and planning and a nice hum of anticipation.

Things going on:

  • D is picking up the kittens somewhere between 3:30 and 6.  Rather than harping on the fact that one kitten rescued three or four years ago has magically turned into four, I'm more focused on the schematics of having the new guys.  This involves scheduling their last booster vaccines, the rabies vaccine (if they haven't already gotten it - it's normal to give at 16 weeks, but rescues do things prematurely), finding out if they need Yesterday's News (special litter given to cats post-op that doesn't cling to incisions), making sure that husband has enough food for them and that he understands the risks associated with being post-op (being a surgical PA, I'm sure he does).
  • At six tonight, I have my tattoo session. I've been pretty closed-lip about this with most people, because the tattoos this time are really, really nonsensical if you're outside of my head.  An anchor, an arrow and a star?  I guess we'll see!  (My artist might even think "WTF?" to himself, but he'd never say it.)
  • Tomorrow, Archie meets with the chiropractor (again).  She sent me a confirmation text this morning and I asked if I could ride prior to the appointment.  Surprisingly, she said that was a great idea and that his body would be better warmed up than cold from a stall.  She said that I could ride all the way up to her arrival, so long as he wasn't winded.  I think she secretly just wants to see me ride.
  • I'm getting everything together for the Art Show.  With all the tattoos and horse expenses, I'm pretty broke.  I'm having the photos printed at Wal-Mart and sticking them in frames I thrifted.  And I'll be offering these masterpieces for sale for $25 each.  Muhahah.  God, what if someone buys my work?  (What the hell?  I have "work"?)  One frame I'm keeping in its natural purchased state, just cleaned up.  The other frame, I've decided to "distress" and am photographing the process.  This, too, I might fuck up and just paint black.
  • We have our last regular soccer game on Sunday.  We're still in last place for our division, but it's fine.  We won the last game and the team we're playing on Sunday will be doing a double, so that increases our odds.
  • I don't have to work on Monday.
  • In lieu of working, I'm going to be taking animal photos and riding the Archman.  I'm excited for a lengthy photo session and an even lengthier ride.  SUNLIGHT!
In case I don't post before then, everyone have a nice and safe Veteran's Day.  If you know someone in the service or retired, thank them.  

Thanks, Daddy!

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  1. YAY Sunlight! Almost half of Jordan's family has been enlisted in something, so I'm sure there will be a BBQ.