A two-post day!

Several years ago, a friend from the equestrian team asked if I would be a reference for her to adopt an OTTB.

I said yes.

In perusing the New Vocations website (I really like this guy), I saw an ad for her OTTB.

Even if we aren't really friends any more, even if we only occasionally contact each other on facebook, I would expect to hear something.  "Oh, hey, Rebekah, remember when you said that I would be a good owner for a young, red, off-the-track mare and those people asked you a bunch of questions and you said I was amazing, awesome, qualified, and a spectacular fucking home, remember that?  Well, forget all that.  I changed my mind."

I know it didn't happen quite like that.  I know life got in the way.  I know I should be thrilled that she opted to be a responsible owner and list her on an adoption site rather than booting her off to somewhere random. I just.. I vouched for her.  Using my word, my credibility, even if these people don't know me and have never contacted me since, *I* spoke for her.  I know that when horses get placed, purchased, bred, whatever, you can't expect permanence.  You can hope for it, though.

(Petty, personal side note: you know how when you see a horse and rider you can tell if things don't mesh ..quite well?  Like the chemistry is okay, but you really think it could be better?  I saw that with this mare and this woman.  She had better chemistry with her other horse.  She was over-mounted with this mare.  She overcame it, mostly, and I think did some schooling shows and put some miles on her.  But if the "click" was really there, would she be up for adoption now?)

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  1. I feel the same way when my friends ask for a professional reference and I know they got fired for their last 3 jobs for being.. well themselves... I don't like lying to perspective employers of them and possible reference for me later especially since I have a pretty unique first name it's hard to pawn myself as just another Jane Doe.

    1. One of my brothers ....hasn't.. uh... grown up yet. There we go. So, I was working in administration in a large non-profit and I vouched for him and got him a job. He lasted a year until they did a random drug test and he politely resigned.
      I was furious.
      HR told me it was great that he didn't cost them a test that he knew he would fail.

  2. Man that sucks.. so sorry.

    I agree with L.. i hate it when ppl want a reference and i DO NOT want to give one.

    1. I had a friend who dumped me later use me as personal reference for a job at Wal-Mart, without asking ahead of time. I was astounded because we weren't talking and he was of much higher caliber than your typical Wal-Mart employee.