What is it about the holidays that sends the masses into a funk?  All I want to do is curl up on the couch with a good book and some alcohol and call it a night.  (And then I realize that's all I want to do, any night, regardless of the proximity of holidays.)

I'm having a hard time figuring out what to get the hubs for Christmas.  He's a hard one to shop for.  Loves technology, but only certain brands and products.  Loves clothes, but has a particular preppy-boy style that I have a hard time staying within the lines of.  If it's a little thing, he gets it for himself.  Yarg.

I gave Archie yesterday and today off.  I figured that being ridden five days in a row was sufficient.  Oh, yeah.  That SmartPak Black Friday sale?  Totally had a million catches.  I wanted to get the Kid a cooler and some random stuff, but the total wasn't over $150, so I didn't qualify for the discount. And when I was like, fine, SmartPak, I'll buy some Back on Track stuff... Nope.  Not valid for discounts because we already get it at a "discount."

So, tomorrow runs the question of getting up early and trying to ride (even though the sun is rising later every day) or riding at dusk.  Sunset is estimated to happen at 5:20 today with sun rise at 7:05, which leaves me with negative fifteen minutes to ride.  Yarg. Pony might get a bigger break this winter than I planned.

Not much else to report.  OH!  Funny story.  At least, it's funny now.

I was washing Archie's new saddle pad last night with his girth.  So, those were the only two things in the washer.  Being unbalanced, I hear it start slamming when it hits one of those fast cycles.  I figure that there isn't any way for me to balance it out, so I ignore it.  Several minutes later, I try to go into the laundry room, only to discover that the washer has walked three feet forward and blocked the door.  Husband was not impressed.  I think I might be officially forbidden from washing horse stuff (I was trying to fly under his radar, anyways).

Other stuff:  I have an ancient sunflower Mac in the bedroom that I rarely use.  Like, once a year, I'll turn the beast on and see if it still functions (it does).  Last night, I spent two hours transferring (or letting it transfer while I went downstairs and did more enjoyable shit) videos and photos to my new 750g external hard drive.  I haven't gone through that stuff and, really, didn't look at it at all before I transferred, but I'm hoping that some of my old videos are on it.  Particularly, the one where I fell and broke my ass.  Fingers crossed!

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