Ready for the Weekend.

As I was getting ready for bed last night, I checked the hourly weather for today.  I made an executive decision that I would not be attempting to ride in 40º weather, wet and gross, and would rather cross my fingers that my boss lets us off early again today.  It's about a twenty degree different with the potential addition of some sunlight.

I offended one of my coworkers this morning.  I was being petty and didn't appreciate the way that she was talking to me.  So I made a few remarks about how she smelled of cigarette smoke.  She was leaning over me and it was all I could smell.  I'm not a smoker, I never have been.  I once dated a boy who smoked and, looking back, I'm not sure how I tolerated it.   It's weighing on me and I'm having a hard time determining if it's just my general anxiety about confrontations or if I feel guilty.

Other news, other news...

Oh, dropped off my photos last night.  I'm officially numbers 56 and 57.  There were three pages of work.  I know I shouldn't go into this expecting something, I should just learn from the experience, but it would be damn nice if I got something out of this.  Did I mention that?  I entered the "Amateur" division.  For each division, there is a first, second and third.  First place gets $300.  You understand my eagerness?

After dropping off the photos, I walked D through how to prepare Archie's beet pulp.  I swung by the apartment, picked it and my camera up, and went directly to the Humane Society.  I'm not guessing that the regular staff was informed that about my "mini-sessions" because they were so not pleased to see me a half hour before closing.  The recepts were, though.  And it was probably my worst experience thus far:  I photographed the cats that aren't currently on display because they're recovering from upper respiratory infections.  So there are crates stacked on crates, draped with red blankets, with kitties who aren't getting enough interaction and are a little sneezy and desperate.  There was a red Persian, registered, who they said is so overwhelmed and so depressed that she's stopped eating.  

I just don't understand how people get rid of their animals.

It was a relief to leave that environment and go see Archie.  I had to ask him to leave the hay he was munching on.  And his sheet was still relatively wet - BO had just put it over the stall door rather than spreading it open to dry during the day.  

Oh, shit.  I completely forgot to mention this.

BO backhandedly approached me about buying the property.

She said that she had a dream about it - we were going to use the land to raise minis - and told me that, in real life, the option was available with owner financing.  I'm sort of befuddled about it.  It's enough land that we could easily build a house, but how the fuck could we afford both?  And the way that trees keep falling!

Oh, craziness.

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  1. Hmmm interesting options. Defi look at the property from an expense perspective. How much work would need to be done for the horse portion etc. If you can get the horse part fixed up you might be able to take one a boarder or two for a decent price.

    1. Hah. If I maintain the status quo for the horses, very little work. She doesn't drag, clean or perform any sort of pasture maintenance. ...But I would want to get hot tape and section off parts so grass could grow, I'd want it dragged or vacuumed, all the suckers cut off the trees, etc, etc, etc. I don't think it'd be more than I could handle. I just think it'd be a lot of money - while a hypothetical house is being built, we'd still be paying rent somewhere else.

  2. Interesting proposition... i can't wait to own property one day! :)