Fat guy in a little coat.
So, I hit snooze about sixteen times and finally set the damn thing for half an hour after the latest time that I planned on getting up.  S'ok.

I got to ride during the week while the sun was up.

I don't care that it was 40º and felt like 36º.  Or that BO popped in while I was finishing up and was still icy towards me after the little political spat we had last night (more on that later).  Or that my equitation was horrible and I kept falling forward.  Rays of sunshine blinded me while I was on a horse!

Last night, I managed a quick twenty minute ride.  I hustled to get him groomed and to get on him.  BO was there (obv) and had just ridden the Skinny Guy.  I may have offended her when I complimented her for actually wearing a helmet (though, its ASTM/SEI approval is questionable - it looked old as shit).  She said she tries to always wear one but doesn't always remember.  Bullshit.  Two years of boarding at this hell hole and it's the first time I've ever seen her with one on.

Back to the ride:  I'm not sure what I was doing.  I probably need to invest in a trainer to come out once a month and make sure I'm not fucking up my horse.  Said horse is incredibly more intelligent than I give him credit for (and I already think he's pretty damn smart).  After some scary circles walking around in the shadows, I started asking for those shoulders and butt to move (I hesitate to actually call what we did "suppling circles", for fear of tarnishing that title).  If I were a horse and someone were using inside leg and outside rein, I would move to the outside.  Archie somehow knows that I want him to keep circling, but I actually want him to come to the inside tighter and move off the outside.  How the fuck does he know that?  It's crazy!  (I credit our relationship and his intelligence, because it certainly wasn't my cues.)

The spat:  BO is a politician.  We are as far removed on that spectrum as you can get.  She's a member of that "N'OBAMA!" team.  I am not.  I don't think that I'm alone in this:  while the financial aspect of the individual parties is important, it does not outweigh the social issues.  I think rights are more important than taxes and spending plans.  And I don't even really like people.  So, yeah, we sort of butt heads last night and I scoffed at her concerns and laughed more when I brought up "equality" and she said that we had a lot of "black people" and women in local politics.  Then I horrified her that my "equality" meant marriage equality.

In non-horsey, non-political life, I dropped the kittens off this morning... subsequently how I was able to ride.  It was heart-wrenching.  Seriously!  Little mews from the carriers and little paws sticking out.  I almost sent that forbidden text:  Let's keep them all!  But I stayed strong.  The receptionists loved the names and were absolutely thrilled that we were taking two of them.  The one recept that I've worked with the most confirmed that all other photographers have dropped off the face of the planet.  I think I'm going to have a lot of photos to take when I go in on Monday.
The monsters.
I'm not sure what's on the agenda for tonight.  My husband will probably be all sad and shit, so I may try to talk him into pizza and beer or soup or something.  Who knows.  Maybe more gym work.  Tomorrow, he'll go get the two monsters from the Humane Society at approximately the same time that I'm getting my tattoos.  I'm sort of excited.  Okay, really excited.

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