Vet Med Hx

I don't have much to share, so I pulled this post from the draft pile and thought I'd give y'all a bit of history.

Fair warning:  some of these have blood.

This is at my old clinic in Augusta.

This is my 17 year old hyperthyroid Siamese mix, Mickey Blue Eyes.
He crossed the bridge that night.

Learning to take radiographs.

Charcoal administration.

You'd be surprised by how many dogs got stuck on these things.
Generally requires at least a light sedation because
they tend to work themselves in deeper.

Stuck eggs.  Bit me.

See the tiny drop of blood on my second knuckle?

Scar & Sav'h having to sit before we left.

 Epic Cat Bite

I was bitten by a cat in March, 2011.  Normal domestic cat - normal disgusting mouth.  I was immediately started on antibiotics and had a staph infection within three days.  It was about two months of 3-4 day rechecks, injections in my hip, about six different oral antibiotics and a referral to a hand surgeon.  Oh, and the visit when I was diagnosed with a staph infection, the MA put the band aid or wraps or whatever on too hard and I immediately started crying.  So, I got narcotics, too.

My mom was staying over the night prior to the cat bite and, as she was leaving, didn't understand why we had Scarlette in the laundry room.  She advised against it, since the food was in there.  What she didn't realize was that Scarlette had busted out of her kennel and locked herself in the laundry room, with the litter box, and promptly panicked.  I came home to this.  I had to climb the dryer to get in because I couldn't open the door.

Progressions of Ouch.

I was tracking the Red Line of Doom.

Just a little beefy.

Toward the end of the healing, when I was able to
bend it for the first time in over a month.

Topical antibiotic caused the flesh to peel.

Savannah's Dental

Poor girl used to chew rocks and stuff.  If you look closely at this picture, you'll see that the dentin is exposed on every single one of her incisors.  That's just like an open wound - nerve exposed and open to infection.   

So I made the very hefty decision to have all twelve of her incisors pulled.  It wasn't an easy decision but the only alternative would have been to cap the teeth, which wasn't financially feasible.  After eating soft dog food for about a week, she recovered nicely.  You can't tell that she's missing them and they don't impact her ability to play with toys or chew bones.  She has a much healthier mouth now.
In my creepy dog mom moment, I still have all twelve in a pill jar.

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  1. Ugh, cat bites are so foul. My mom got bitten by one of her cats a few years ago and it was nearly as bad.

    1. One of our kittens recently bit me and I had a minor freak-out. I figure that due to all of those antibiotics, I probably have a pretty killer resistance still. Fortunately, the manic scrubbing coupled with her baby mouth saved me.

      Does your mom have a scar? I've got two tiny, tiny pinpricks from the canines (which were the only things to actually pierce the flesh).

  2. Dang I never knew a cat bite was so bad!! Sounds like a crazy process but glad that you are ok!