Art Show and Accidents.

Dying to know how the art show went, right?

The chick who I asked to take my photo, who also came in second place for the amateurs, told me to raise my chin.  I'm not sure why I complied.  As a pseudo-photog, I know better than to have someone who is taller than me raise their chin when I'm photographing them.  Also, when that previously-fitted shirt turn me into an amorphous, epicene blob?  I promise, I have womanly curves!

This, obv, was first place in the amateur.  I sent all the placing pictures to my husband.  His first comment was of horror.  Is the kid an amputee or did the guy just forget his right arm?

Second place was the work of the woman I know.  And this is what I have issue with:  if you've won before, are you still an amateur?  She won second place last year for another piece.  The guy who won first place this year actually won national best of show (he did the kid on the flyer from yesterday).  Lay down your amateur status and move on up to intermediate.  Give the rest of us a chance.

This sort of stung.  In looking at all the placings, though, no photographs won anything.  D has mentioned trying to sell the tree frog to Apple or Microsoft.

It was rainy and disgusting yesterday.  I tried to take a reflective shot in the puddle, but I think the puddle was too dark to really reflect how I wanted it to.  You can barely see my purple polka dot umbrella.  Also?  Hello, blur.

It seems that every single time that there is water on the ground, a vespa is being hit by a car.  This happened shortly before I left the art show and, fortunately, there's a fire station within spitting distance of this intersection.  I saw one guy get loaded into the ambulance and I'm pretty sure he was the person on the scooter.  The SUV it collided with didn't appear to have much damage.  The guy I saw was wearing a neck brace and had blood on his head.  It took me down memory lane, so I'll take you there, too.

I'd dated a boy in high school who was head-over-heels for me.  But not so head-over-heels that he resisted the wiles of another woman (girl?).  We subsequently broke up (this is a theme in my relationships, prior to the magical man I was lucky enough to marry:  date, he cheats, he goes AWOL for a day or so, we break up).  He was still nutso for me and I appreciated the attention, so we occasionally went on dates and stuff like that.  His family moved, but he would drive hours upon hours to randomly show up on my doorstep.

He drove a little yellow original Volkswagen beetle.  

One day, he stopped by unannounced to see if I wanted to go on a drive with him.  I declined as I was heading to the YMCA with my mom.  Hours later, I got a phone call that he had been in a car accident and was asking for me.  So I went to the hospital.

I learned that the beetle had been t-boned on the passenger side.  If I'd been in the car, I probably wouldn't have been okay.  In fact, I wager a guess, as the passenger side door was touching the gear shift, that I would have been very much not okay.  As sort of a closure for this, I went by the auto shop that had towed what remained of the beetle and saw it for myself.

But here's the thing:  I went and saw this boy, who was asking for me.  I was sixteen.  He was probably 17 or 18 or 19 or something.  But this is what I'm always going to remember:  a hospital bed, holding his hand, blood still in his blonde hair and dripping from his head, a neck brace that he got to take off while I was there.

(I think he thought that the death and risking dying was a great means to get my attention because he later told me that he was dying from a brain tumor.  He wasn't.)

I think Archie knew that the night had put me out of sorts.  Instead of waiting for me at his stall, he met me near the gate.  I love seeing his face light up.  It was still rainy and gross and cold, so I gave him his beet pulp and put on his sheet and kissed him goodnight.

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  1. Your husbands comment on the first place pictures made me literally laugh out loud!! (I am freaked out/repulsed by that picture)

    yikes that story about the accident is scary.. I had a situation where I skipped class one day in college and a very large and heavy wall mounted TV fell and crushed the chair that I normally sat in- freaky! I am glad you are ok and decided to go with your mom to the YMCA!

    Hope you have a great rest of your week!

  2. I'm glad I won't be driving a Vespa in Sav... probably should warn Jordan about his biking in the rain, he's been hit once by a Van.. don't want that to happen again.

    Amazing how freak occurrences and accidents stay with us.

    As far as the amateur thing, I think its as long as you aren't a professional artist. Also would never ever give any of those drawings/paintings any prizes if I was a judge.. hideous. Your photo is the only nice thing there.