Breaking a Sweat

Last night, I had enough time to go home and walk dogs before I had to meet the husband at his office.  Then it was off to the gym.

I worked on the rowing machine, trying to recover my pride, but I never got anywhere near the speed I'd had at the expo.  "Rowed" 2k and called it done.  And then it was time for an upper body workout.  Let me just say:  I understood the appeal of a gender-specific gym because I felt all sorts of awkward last night.  There were way too many men and far too few women.  Even with husband next to me, I felt like I was being watched.  I don't work out at the gym to be watched; I work out there for the vast supply of equipment.

I did a super set of Arnold presses, wide fly's on the bench and barbbell presses.  Followed that with some preacher curls, tricep dips and used a machine for an overhead tricep pull.  I upped my weights in every aspect, though when I got to the fourth set of Arnold presses, I had to take it down five pounds.

After the gym, we swung by the barn to give Archie his stuff.  It was about 8:00 pm and the little bugger was locked in his stall.  I wanted to call and bitch, but instead I just unlocked him.  I've tried to rationalize why he would be still locked up when the latest she could have ridden would have been two and a half hours prior, but I'm not coming up with anything good.  Maybe she forgot.  I've requested before that he not be locked up, as the stall is generally gross and doesn't have a water supply.  I think.. and this may be a personal thing.. that if I'm paying for the ability to keep my horse there, to be fed and cared after in my absence, then my wishes, within reason, should be accommodated and should take precedence over her own horse.  It's that last part that's the stickler.  Let's say some hypothetical situation that there is just enough hay for one horse and no means to split it:  Archie should get that hay.  Because I'm paying for it.  So if she wants the two horses separated so they eat peacefully, and that only requires that one horse be locked up, then my horse should be loose because 1) I've requested it, in writing, and 2) I'm paying for it.

I'm also lamenting the fact that I've only seen the Kid for about ten minutes in a span of three days.  I don't think tonight will be any different.  I doubt tomorrow will, either.

I did make "horse" cookies last night.  I'm not sure if he'll like them, but I'm hoping so.  I plan on giving dog biscuits (shaped in their particular breeds) to the out-laws, so I modified the recipe to make it less dead-animal and more horse-vegetable.  And then I offered them to my dogs.  Savannah wolfed down a couple without any hesitation.  Scarlette licked off the brown sugar with which I had topped them and promptly abandoned them to be scavenged by wild kittens.

This morning saw me dropping the husband off at work at about the normal time I wake up (if I'm honest with myself).  I'll leave work early again today to go get him, then it's taking the kittens to get their last round of vaccines.  I'm hoping to get in and out pretty quickly.  I doubt it'll leave sufficient time to photograph at the Humane Society or ride the horse.  Alas, another wasted day.  :)

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  1. ooh man it seems like you always find him locked in.. ok not always but a lot! I would be mad ha! Esp if it's dirty and no water in there.

    1. It feels like all the time! I just need to buy some land and just have a run in, so he'll never have to stand in a stall again. :)