Cars and Crack

I feel particularly sour lately.

I think part of it is having my schedule jacked up to match my husband's, while also losing a tiny bit of the freedom one has when able to make random driving decisions.  Like music.

Oh, poor little Subaru.  Way to fuck yourself up.  The ETA, which was yesterday, has been moved to Monday because they need to order another part.  Hey, saving gas money!  (Sorta, not really, though the husband's car does get better MPG than mine.)  Oh!  That reminds me of a comparative analysis between our vehicles, which I think depicts a lot about how we were raised differently:

His & Hers

Bright shiny red ... Arctic white
Sports edition ... Utility edition
Used to haul DRs and PAs ... Used to haul kayaks and dirt
Born in 2007 ... Born in 1997
65k miles ... 165k miles
Automatic ... Manual
6 - CD changer with boom ... 1 CD/1 cassette with a blown speaker
Keyless entry with beeps! ... Keyless entry sans beeps!

That's all I've got.  I'm not completely jealous of his fancy car, because the way he got it was sorta weird.  About the time that he was nearing the end of PA school, his grandparents offered to buy him a car.  Yeah, sure, he'd been driving the same 1995 Honda Accord since he was fifteen years old.  So, he and his Oma found a car at a reasonable price and she offered to put him on the title as part-owner and also on the loan, to build his credit.  Sounds great, right?

As soon as he got a job, he also got the car payments.  Great gift, Oma!  I don't think she understood what "buying you a car" meant.  Sure, she made payments for somewhere around six months.  We're still in the ten thousands in paying this thing off.  She's told us that they've figured out something to get us for Christmas that "will really help" us out.  I've already told D to prepare himself to turn it down.  A loan for a down payment? Sounds great, but I'm refusing to be beholden to them.

Not much else going on.  The Man got a shipment from last night, which included fancy toffee flavored protein whey and crack.  They also mis-shipped what appeared to be the legal form of anabolic steroids.  When I read the part about the increased production/usage of testosterone, I almost shoved it down his throat.  How much fun would that have been?!  Anyways, I sampled one of the crack packs prior to my run last night.  I feel a little sad that I'm not specifically training for anything, but I am still "training."  Last night was my first foray into speed work.  It sucked.  The crack had my skin crawling and I'm not sure if it really helped.  I guess the only way to know for sure is to repeat the workout without it.  (Which I probably won't.)

I only saw Archie for about three minutes, between the carpooling, running and eating.  I didn't dare touch his back.

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