When I got off work last night, it was super windy and I could tell (thanks, weather app!) that a storm was en route.  Husband had beaten me home, so I sent him a text to see what we were doing for the night.  I wasn't feeling our normal dinner routine.

He ended up mixing up Archie's beet pulp and I ran by to get him after I took a few photos at the Humane Society.  I wish I had more time because I was about three cats short of completing the list I was given.  So.. of course, we went to get Mexican and finish some last-minute shopping errands.  Then off to give the Kid his beet pulp and go home.

It was raining and still windy when I went by the barn, so I wasn't at all surprised that neither horse had a sheet on.  It was 43º when we'd had the vet visit yesterday morning and, of course, both horses were naked.  BO had assured me that she would be following the guidelines I'd set for blanket management.  She's failing. I thought about sending her a text this morning, but I was also really afraid that I'd be wrong or the weather app would be wrong.  It's supposed to be in the low fifties with twenty-mile-per-hour winds.  To me, that warrants wearing a sheet.  But I'm afraid that if I asked BO to leave his sheet on and the wind dies or the sun shines brighter, she won't go back and take it off.  She's justified her laissez-faire blanketing methods by saying that it's better for a horse to be too cold than too warm, which I agree with.  But, I also think that if you don't have a regular job and you live across the street, you could be a little more proactive.

Maybe I expect too much.

(I just walked a couple blocks on my lunch break and it was frigid.  Poor pony.)

But, going back to the photography:  I'm doing better.  I think I'm getting on the better side of the learning bell curve.  Not amazing, not yet, but I'm able to have some good shots again.  When I was shooting in all auto, I'd used my external flash bounced off of a white sheet of paper (the list of critters to photograph).  Now, without auto, I don't use a flash and I keep my aperature wide open, with iso and shutter speed on auto.  I still get some blur and I think I need to manually adjust my white balance, but the pictures have something to them.

Here are a couple I took last night:

I got lucky with the green towel because it really made her eyes pop.

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