Morning Chats and Sore Backs

I didn't mention this, but yesterday, I was woken up at 4:57 in order to throw on some clothes and drop the husband off at work.  I was able to crawl back into bed by about 5:30, but the sleep wasn't full and restive.  It made for a hard day.

After work, I went back by his offices to pick him up.  Fortunately, he didn't have to wait long for me.  We'd had plans to go to the gym and work out, but I was completely tired and lacked all sorts of motivation.  We talked about doing a Shaun T. workout, but that was also nixed.  Instead, we lounged around and were lazy.

I think I need to take a couple vacation days because I'm starting to lose my patience with my coworkers.  It doesn't help that everyone assumes I am capable of doing the tasks of someone in a different position who has been out sick for three weeks.  Grumble.

Today, husband got to drop me off at my offices and then hustle back to his.  Not that I want this to be a regular occurrence, but it was sort of pleasant to ride with him and chat before starting the work day.  (No chatting occurred at five in the morning yesterday.)  We should hear something about my car today.  The mechanic is pretty on top of things, so hopefully I'll know something by lunch time.  I look forward to being able to run errands and do things.

I only saw the Archman briefly last night.  I'm pretty well decided that I'm going to try to call the chiropractor today.  He was walking into his stall and I did the pressure test on his back (which I've never done while he's been in motion) and I swear to god that his butt dropped a foot.  So, whatever miracle we had before has disappeared and he's just as back sore as before.  This makes me grumpy, but I'm not really surprised.  I think the lack of sit ups (she told me to give him a brief reprieve and now my treats are locked in my trunk), the lack of downward transitions (I have been focusing more on exorcising his demons), and just general lack of work.  Muscles can't strengthen on their own.

In regards to this and the complete lack of light that I'm dealing with, I've thought about setting up some trot poles directly in front of the barn.  I'm not sure how pleased the BO would be with this, but if I can get Archie to work on lifting his back legs some, he'll strengthen his back and his stomach (is there a better term of that?).  I'm just.. a little despondent about the situation.  I asked D what I did last year (because I can't remember) and he said that I just normally rode on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  If I can get a couple of little rides in on Monday and Wednesday, like normal, it'll help.  I'm also thinking of pushing those weekend rides to the maximum possible amount of time.

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  1. I hope you get your car back soon!!! I sent you an email with some exercises you might be able to use with Archie!