She Lives!

So, the treats that I made?  Here's the consensus:

Scarlette:  No.
Savannah:  Yum!
Archie:  Edible
Skinny Guy:  Oh, hell, no!
I'm thinking that to appeal to the horse, I need to mix in Karo syrup or molasses.  I'm just not sure how that will affect the baking because I am neither a chemist nor a baker.  No harm in fucking up, though.  I'd also love to add carrot shavings, mostly for the aesthetics, but I don't want to mess up the shelf life.  And some oats.  This is fun!  If I make anything decent, I'll mail some out for X-Mas!  (That's the atheist Christmas.. you know the saying, "There's no Christ in X-Mas!")

(Side note:  I was once told by a Christian that I wasn't allowed to celebrate Easter or Christmas because of my lack of religion.  It infuriated me.)

Last night was pretty stressful.

I was excited to leave work early, but I didn't accomplish nearly as much as I had last week. I'd already sent an email to the Humane Society telling them that I wouldn't be in.  So, it was a matter of driving out to the hospital to pick up the husband.  Whilest in route, I called mi madre to wish her a happy birthday.  I'm a horrible daughter and forgot to order her anything, so I had something shipped out by my favorite local soap company, Nourish.  They make a couple soaps with beer from a local brewery, but I got her the bath fizzies.  We had a great conversation.  I think the worst part about moving to Savannah was moving away from Mom, but I also consider that moving was absolutely necessary for my marriage.  Tough choices!

Things we talked about (this may totally be too much information, but y'all can writhe in horror like I did):
  • Sending me to Weight Watchers when I was in the fifth grade
  • Her new husband's propensity to walk around naked
  • How the bath towels that we used (which I loved because they were ginormous) the last time in Augusta actually belonged to her husband back when he was a bachelor (this horrifies me)
  • Exactly how many pairs of underwear they each own and how many pairs get washed per week (the point of this was to compare his lack of dirty underwear.. see the second bullet)
  • The fact that she didn't know that D's Oma was a penny-pinching jerk for the method with which she "bought" his car
Lots of laughs, actually.  We have great conversations.  Horrible conversations, but great.

After picking up the man, we got probably two miles down the road before he realized that he had potentially left the glasses that he wears for surgery at the gym.  These aren't normal glasses.  These are a $5k pair of magnifying specs that allow him to see nerves or something.  So... we had to turn around.

I got the call a few hours earlier that my car was ready.  In lieu of ordering the part, they machined the one I had.  It was cheaper than it would have been, but $320 of the $349 spent was just labor.  He also asked me about the internal engine noise - I told him that the car has never sounded so good.  Seriously.  I tried to get price quotes (I need a brake job), but he was pushing me more towards setting it on fire and rolling it into the marsh.

Then the kittens had their vet visit.  I was expecting about $30/kitten.  Walked out of there with a $134 bill.  D refuses to go back there, so I'm going to spend some time switching all the information over after I make some phone calls.

After that, we got Indian food (my treat - hubs paid for everything else last night) and grocery shopping.  I was really, really tired by the time I went to bed.
Garlic na'an, rice, his chicken marsala (far dish, red) and
my vegetable ahkabari (orange, up front).  Yum!

The goals for this weekend:  
  • I want to spend at least three hours in the saddle (total).  Is that going to be comfortable?  No.  Is he going to be sore?  Yes.  After this weekend, I plan on using some of the flash cards that L. Williams shared with me for in-hand work to get him moving in the dark.  
  • Get a damn Christmas tree.  We like the live, midget variety.
  • And eggnog.  "Light" from Publix.
  • Figure out/acquire all the Christmas gifts that we need.  (Mostly his family and the paternals in mine.)
  • Finish baking some dog treats!
  • Photos at the Humane Society.
  • Christmas cards!  UGH!
Wish me luck.

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  1. Wow I cant believe that you were told you couldn't celebrate Christmas or Easter.. that's a great way to win someone over and that's the kind of Christian that gives a bad name.. ugh!

    Do share the cookie recipe when you get one you like! :)

    Hope you have a good and productive weekend!!

    1. I'll take notes! I'm a pretty haphazard cook: I just toss things together and wish for the best.

  2. That Indian food looks amazing! Your conversation with your mom sounds funny :)

    1. It was at Taste of India. They used to go a buffet on Thursday, which was awesome because at least half of the dishes were vegetarian. Alas, they stopped.

      And, yeah, Mom's awesome. All of our conversations are like that.