The Fall.

Okay, there are a few things you should know about these videos:

  1. This was taken in January, 2009.  I've improved drastically since then.
  2. I was doomed to fall at some point.  I think by sitting on my hands and pinching my knees, I was a weeble-wobble waiting to die.  I've improved drastically since then.
  3. I bailed because I thought I was going to be launched into the rail.  I've improved drastically since then.
  4. When I landed on my butt, I fractured my coccyx in two places. 
    1. I immediately got back on (after chasing him down in the barn) and cantered the right lead.
    2. D had to help me change clothes and I went to work that night.  I sat on a pillow.
    3. I fed horses the next day, hobbling.  I was also the sole walker of my dogs.
    4. Monday was MLK day.  I'd already had an appointment to get the horse jumping tattooed on my outside left ankle.  I kept that appointment, but now it meant so much more.
    5. Tuesday, when I finally had to go to my real job, I immediately left to go to the doctors, where I learned about the fractures.
    6. Coccyx fractures take f o r e v e r to heal.  I couldn't ride for six weeks (docs would have preferred at least eight).  I couldn't really sit comfortably for six months.  To this day, I still have occasional pain.
  5. I've improved drastically since then.

Skinny Brush Box

Canter Bending Line

Sloppy Course

The Fall.

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  1. :( I've only bruised my coccyx and thought that that was torture. (P.S. up to 6 followers!)

    1. For a while during the healing process, the coccyx would "pop" when I sat down. That wasn't too bad, though mentally it was freaky. The problem was that I had inflammation of something around the coccyx and when it popped, pain would shoot up my spine.

      (I know! I feel like I need to go through and make sure I'm actually following all the people that I <3.)