I have got to figure out how I want to do this "Photo A Day" thing.  I want them to be distinct and special, but are separate posts the way to go?  And I want them to be noticed enough not to slap them into a page that my "reader" readers won't read.  (View?)  I'm just going to become that annoying blogger that you skim over.  I might be okay with that.

I had this weird dream last night that someone I knew drew a digital picture of a person I don't really know, but the style of the picture was a weird assortment of fine art (think the Lady Lisa) coupled with kawaii eyes.

After the whole my-oven-exploded issue, we spent the night waiting for the landlord to come over.  It negated any possibility of actually doing anything.  We thought that he mastered some wiring stuff in the back end of the stove and that it was all magically better.  It weren't.  We waited for half an hour for the oven to heat up and it didn't.  My husband, the sole genius in this enterprise, finally thought to take a flash light to neither regions of the oven.  After he touched the element bare-handed, that is.  And it was plainly visible that the element was cracked.  Hence the pop.  So last night was Chinese at 8:30 and watching the man do push ups on the carpet.  I wish I were more motivated.

Because the landlord was there and he seems to be more of a cat person, I took the dogs to the barn with me while I gave Arch his beet pulp.  I don't know how other dog/horse owners do it, because I wasn't able to focus on either one.  I had to watch the dogs to keep them from eating horse poop or getting kicked in the head or stepped on, so I didn't get to check out Archie for any new ouchies or swelling or anything.  I should clarify:  I didn't get close enough to touch, but I laid eyes on him.

Tonight, after work, I'll go photograph the adoptable kids.  Then wait again for the landlord to install the new element.  I guess the rest of the evening is, again, dependent upon that.

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  1. Love the "photo a day" idea. I say be as annoying as you want to be!!!

    1. Thanks! Sometimes, I think I worry too much about what my "readers" think. :)

  2. ^ i agree... it's your blog do what you want :)