Feelin' Slick.

Yesterday morning started sort of disgusting and cloudy and ended up completely disgusting and wet.

So, no ride.  I was sort of surprised when even my husband was disappointed that I couldn't saddle up.  Granted, I could have done other things at the barn.  Groomed.  Massaged.  Loved on.  Those sort of things that good horsie moms tend to do on rainy days.  Instead, I used the extra time to clean out my human closet.  I have way too many clothes.  Like, things I'll never wear again because they aren't flattering or are constricting or aren't the absolute right color or are the exact same color as everything else.  But that I still can't part with because something about the item is amazing.  I will cut the cord.  I will be a grown up and make space for all my new crap.  Maybe.

In this regard, the husband is kicking my butt.  Given that most of his clothes no longer fit him, he's having an easier time of parting with the things he doesn't need.  I wish I had both the weight loss and the control.

Ugh.  I just got a call from my BO that the farrier is coming tomorrow.  What happened to giving me more than a day's notice?  Now I have to grumpily shuffle funds (which I would have had to do, anyways).  Also, since I'm bitching about things:  last month or a couple months ago, BO knocked off about $20 for my feeding three or four times.  This last month, I fed three times for her and one time so she wouldn't have to see my vet.  Did I get a discount?

Grumble, grumble.

What else?  Oh..

  • I can't be the only person with a mobile tack trunk.  I mean, it's my trunk and it's covered in horse crap.  That counts.  And now it's clean!  (Er ..less dirty?)

  • I've also officially decided that I'm going to sell my Wintec.  It's been hanging out in my car for almost a year now.  I don't need it.  I definitely don't need three saddles when I only ride in one.  I bought it, a pad, a cheap girth and my Circuit bridle for $400ish about a million years ago (6? 7?).  I think $200 sounds reasonable.  I mean, nothing to lose at this point.  I got my money out of it.

  • Because I love Pinterest and am a sucker to its ways, I put coconut oil in my hair again last night.  And then sat around for a couple of hours, occasionally wrapping my grocery-bag-covered-head in a hot towel.  And then washed it.  It felt normal, so I put my normal products in it.  This morning?  It looked like I hadn't bathed in about a decade.  I feel sexy.  And oily.  Who needs lotion?
  • Oh, and the husband and I are officially signed up for a "First Time Home Buyer's Workshop."  That damn thing is eight hours long.  :(
  • And then I ate this:
Relax.  It's spinach.  Yum.

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  1. Do Apartment Therapy's The Cure with me!!!! It's helping me get into the swing of tossing stuff, and repairing things that need repair!

    Also I need to get into juicing/smoothies.

    1. LOL. So, my extent of "doing" the Cure is simply reading about _other_ people doing it and subsequently day dreaming about what I want our future house to look like.

  2. That oil comment cracked me up! Does your hair feel better or just oily?

    1. Now? It feels normal! Maybe like a microscopic bit softer. Yesterday, it was straight and smooth, but greasy greasy greasy. (As a side note, I only use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, so I'm sort of surprised that it's back to normal after just another wash when it was SERIOUSLY a greaseball yesterday.)

      I've heard about people using it on their horses' mane and tails - I think that might work better!