Yesterday, I was walking to the nearest square to eat my cold, leftover pizza for lunch.  I was stopped by a homeless person pushing a baby stroller full of, I'm guessing, her possessions.  My city has a serious problem with homeless persons.  I don't begrudge them anything and only hope that life never finds me in a similar position.  That said, I also have issue with them out-right asking for money.  The transit system is free, the shelters plentiful, and the permits granted for skills (singers, the lady who knits things, the guy who plays the guitar with his dog, the old fellow who plays the same three flute songs, the individuals who braid and fold the palm fronds).

So... yesterday, I was harassed by this person.

And I was so taken aback that I didn't have a plausible retort and I didn't have a clue what my next step ought to have been.  I won't say what she said, because it actually did hit on one of my giant insecurities, but I'll just say that L. Williams thought it was hilarious.  And it made my husband furious.  (We had a training session this morning on how to tell people to fuck off.. I didn't realize that I'd forgotten how.)

The rest of my day at work was uneventful.

I went to the barn immediately after work to give the Kid his beet pulp and some of the Manager's Special $2.49 carrots that I've scored.  I've been meaning to talk to the local Publix to see if I can get a massive apple score like Lucy's Mom did.  He was screaming when I approached and I realized that BO was out riding the Skinny Guy.  I held his attention pretty well until BO came cantering up the dirt road.  Then he galloped off, tail raised.  I do have to admit:  it was pretty damn picturesque.  She was cantering, dressed all formal with her breeches and tall boots.  He had a great expression and 28 years worth of a comfortable stride.  And her little testicle-d Golden Retriever kept pace beside them.

Arch was pretty stupid until they came back into the pasture.  I will take any tips, ideas or suggestions for maintaining his brain while the other horse goes away.  I wish I'd brought my camera, though.  He was moving pretty nicely.

Other news?  Listed my Wintec saddle on Craig's List.  Joined Fitocracy, which is much easier to learn on the computer first.  My name is "BekaBurke".  Surprise, right?  OH!  And I contacted SmartPak because I'm a greedy whore and my calendar shipped with my most recent order, which should be here Wednesday.


I have to apologize for my face.

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  1. Hey have you seen the way homeless people look? It's gotta be a compliment! We have a huge homeless people and vagrant problem in SF/Oakland, where I spend my time, I just ignore them, now when they are chasing you down the street with a broken beer bottle, thats when I get concerned!