Oven, Blankets and Poop.

The funk didn't leave me until about two this morning.  Fortunately, I don't think my addled processions to and fro the restroom bothered my husband.  Even when I walked into the laundry basket.  Or the dresser.  I need a night light.  It was weird, though.  I went to bed freezing, and I normally prefer to be cold.  I was covered in blankets.  When I woke up, I'd tossed them all and was toasty.  It was refreshing.

I'm starting to get really pissed off about the oven situation.  I texted the guy on Monday and he never responded.  I texted him on Tuesday and he said that he needed to take the element out of our oven in order to match it.  Well, shit.  Why didn't he do this a week ago?  So I told him when I would be home and waited.  And waited.  And he never showed.

Speak of the devil.  He just sent a text asking if anyone was home and, if not, he could go in and get the serial number off the stove.  I replied back that if he felt comfortable going in with my loose dogs, he could.  And that they would bark but not bite.  So, now I'm anxiously watching the webcam to see if my girls explode.  This guy isn't known for punctuality, so I'm not sure why I'm bothering.

Savannah is thrilled to have company.

When he asked if he could come over,
he didn't ask if a strange man could, too.

My vicious pibble mauling the strange man.
We have horrible guard dogs.  I like to think that maybe they aren't materialistic and would give a greater damn should someone try to come in while we were there.  Maybe.

So, I've recently stumbled on to some other blogs (or been stumbled on to) and wanted to share some things that I've learned from those blogs.  You know, for my horsie-readers who don't give two shits about my oven or my dogs and only want to hear me snark about almost falling off of my beloved OTTB.

Hearts & Flowers

I don't want to summarize someone else's blog, especially since I haven't been reading it forever and am sure to miss key points, but Lara has several horses that she is doing damn well by.  Two kiddos are living the golden life in (semi?) retirement and now she's focusing on her new mare, Dani.  Her blog has an awesome set up and she's a great writer.  Also?  She's got phenomenal taste in blankets and serves as a reminder that they don't all have to be navy or hunter green, dammit.  Polkadots, people!  (You're like, Blankets, really? But it's bigger than that, actually:  taking every opportunity to invoke beauty and creativity.)  And I'm a sucker for pretty pictures.

Eventing in Color

Okay, I literally just found this blog today, so I can't testify to any aspect of it beyond what posts I've been able to read.  But!  I'm hooked because she talks about a dog fight in the second post (I read) and right when I'm about to scroll down and start my lecture about how to properly address that horrible timebomb, she does it for me!  Also, she has a celebrity OTTB and taught me this:  there's a company that you can send your horse poop to for cheap fecals.  That is Horsemen's Lab.  I've never understood the whole quarterly deworming thing, save that pumping chemicals into your horse's body periodically might be cheaper than doing a fecal exam.  Until you learned about this company.  So, this blogger used them and had good results.

And, on a final note:  I haven't gotten my SmartPak calendar.  I'm super disappointed.  Can I ask them to send another?

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  1. I follow those two too!

    Also your dogs are funny and I love them and haven't met them yet! Also that really sucks about your oven.

  2. Aw! Such a sweet shout-out! Notchee The Arab is fully retired - she belonged to my mother and we don't click personality-wise. She had a pretty bad injury when we moved and I told the vet she only had to be pasture sound, although aside from being fat she seems to be in perfect health. Up until the move I was riding Coro a lot and going on some serious trail rides, but the new girl is definitely monopolizing my riding time. I do want to get back to riding the old boy at least once a week when the weather improves. He has a Grade 3 heart murmur that I have to be aware of exertion-wise, but is very sound.

  3. I didn't get my SmartPak calendar either! If you ask them for another one, please update. I want mine, too.