So, thankfully, the chiropractor called me back yesterday afternoon to schedule.  She's pretty booked for the rest of the month, but I explained what he was doing and she's going to squeeze us in on Saturday.  There was only mild chiding on her end for waiting so damn long.  (She last came in November and told me to schedule in about 6 weeks... this will be about twice that.)

I did some mad Google Research (because it's totally legit if it's on the internet) about what the Kid was doing.  On Bits and Bytes (where my old IHSA buddy got the mare that I vouched for), they actually have a section specifically for "does my horse need chiropractic care."  I didn't google chiro stuff.  I googled butt scooting and bolting, which was another aspect of the ride on Sunday.  So, between the chiro (who I might not be in mad love with, but who I absolutely respect) and the internet, I feel like I have a better handle on this.

So, let's share other shit that happened this weekend/last night, but didn't leave me in tears.

  • Successfully went to the gym twice and failed my first StrongLift rep.  I was (attempting to) bench press 85 pounds.  I got 24/25 reps.  Yay?
  • We know I rode the pony three times.
  • I never ran.
  • I did get my hair cut.  I actually also got it shampooed and deep conditioned.  Hair cuts are a big deal to me because, until I was 21, my hair was to my ass crack.  Seriously.  I pathologically hate hair cuts and feel like they're always taking off seven inches more than I wanted.  But this time wasn't so bad and I can really appreciate the clean, healthy ends.  Sorta.
  • Chewbacca got two eye brows again.
  • I dragged my husband to Ulta, 20% off coupon in hand, and bought false eyelash singles (that's a fixation), my sulfate-free shamp/cond, and some manly shave lotion ..stuff.
  • Thift shopped!  A workout tank, two skirts, the top I'm wearing right now, and a pair of jeans.
  • We ate Mexican twice.  I had a beautiful margarita.
  • Photographed at the Humane Society.  Everyone else has dropped off again, so I've signed back up for my Thursday fly-by's.
  • Bought a new, larger Crockpot.
  • I got my antique stirrups from my Grandma.  I have no idea how people rode in these and am sort of tempted to attach them to my saddle and see.

Here's a close up my eyeball.  See the little falsies on the end?

I'm a grown up!

Seriously.  They're huge.

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  1. Replies
    1. Dude, I tried putting three little falsies on either end and only one each survived. They're supposed to last 2-4 weeks. I think it's the anime lover in me wanting big eye balls.

  2. Dang! I don't know how anyone ride on those either! They look like they would hurt if you bonked your horse or yourself with them!

    1. Yeah, they're definitely solid. Maybe they'd work on a western saddle that doesn't sit as near to the horse's body?