Taking A Walk.

Being on this giant fitness rut that my life has somehow become (I'm taking multi-vitamins for the first time, ever!), I always read in different phrases and different places about how important it is to get up and walk around and break the monotony of sitting at a desk all day.  So, at lunch today I took a little walking trip.  I'm saving one of the photos for a possible PAD.

I found this little guy on the sidewalk.  So... I picked him up.
He'll stay at work because he's toxic to pets.

I didn't Savannah had so many of these bugs.  He bites.

Wright Square.  Very tourist of me.

For L. Williams.  SCAD pretty much dominates the city.

At Parker's Market, a super-nice upscale gas station/market.
Last night, I went home after work and walked the dogs.  Savannah had chewed on one of a pair of very cute floral flats.  Woo.  Go, Savannah.  They're still wearable and I can guarantee that I will wear them, toothmarks and all.  Then I unleashed our clowder (that's a group of cats; thanks, Sheldon), waited for the hubs to return and supervise our interspecies playdate, and I headed to the track.

I feel like I can count on one hand the number of times I've run since the 10k.  And... I really think I can.  So, I busted out a mile at the gym on Tuesday (never doing that again! scary, scary!) and did three miles last night.  I've said it before, but I think three miles is my baseline.  Three miles is easy and enjoyable and I don't have to think about it.  I'll "hit the wall" at about a mile and a half and the muscles go on autopilot.  I feel fine afterwards and it's all great.  Tonight, I'll go to the gym with the husband again and pump more iron.  I'm sort of excited because I broke a 100 on my deadlift on Sunday, so today should be about 115#s.  It's my sixth session of StrongLifts.

After the run last night, I went and snorfed Archie's flank again.  Per the book that I pirated and will share, you should be able to feel the tension in the muscles.  It's pretty informative and I could find a spot in his neck that was tight.  Also?  His hamstrings are hella tight.  We've got to work on stretching those out post-ride from now on.

And, finally:  the volunteer coordinator put a call out to the other volunteer photogs to see if anyone else would help out.  Because I enjoy it so much and it's really improved my skills, I went ahead and blocked off every Sunday for the next two months as mine.  So far, though, only one other photog has signed up.  And, right now, only four of us are listed on the website (not sure who the other two are).  I'm having mixed feelings about the help because I am generally competitive and I feel like I took possession of this project.  Oh well - all for the kids, right?

Archie ignoring me.

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    1. Says the woman who does like eighty different things that I've never heard of before. I only do the same five lifts, over and over.