The Grossness.

I woke up this morning immediately thinking that I was not going to make it into the office.  I don't have that nastiness that's going around, but without an oven, the hubs and I are getting pretty creative.  Last night's creation did not sit well with the ol' tum tum.  (It was teriyaki rice from a package that I microwaved.  My poor little, would-be hipster system just can't handle packaged goods like that anymore.)

SmartPak took out their cut this morning (surprise!  random withdrawal for a shipment you won't get for another ten days!), so I had to scramble to make sure I had sufficient funds for the farrier.  Between feeling disgusting and feeling poor, that's been about my day.

Last night I tried to take my dogs on a little walk/jog through a nearby neighborhood.  We got chased out by a very large, very hackled, very loose dog.  (If I were really trying to be a writer, I'd say something to the effect of:  the menacing brown beast stood with hackles raised and stared down at us, a mixture of anticipatory drool and rabid spittle dangling from his exposed teeth.)

Mm.  That's been about it.  Brief love time with the horse, as he drooled beet pulp all over his blanket.  Aborted attempt to exercise my darling mutts.  Successfully removed the coconut oil.  Now I'm work, feeling nasty.  Woo.

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  1. I hate when that happens, the forgotten automatic shipment. :/