Drama Queen.

I can't help it.

I overreact.

Crying over shoes?  Yeah, the shoes of my nearly-sixteen year old arthritic Thoroughbred.

Ugh.  And even though I realize that I can't do anything about what's been done, I can't shut my brain off.  I can't stop thinking.  Just like I couldn't not turn around on my way to work yesterday to verify that he did, indeed, have fugly shoes on.  Poor brain just wants a nap.

(I'm waiting on the vet to call me back.)

I forgot to mention other little things that have happened this week.

On the ride Monday, the Kid got super-duper props for being brave.  I'll upload/edit the video eventually (even though you can't really see crap), but there are a couple neat things:  like at one point, he tries to scoot while going over the floating pole.  At another, he hollows and starts swishing his tail and you can tell that he's pissed off.  While we were riding, some guys were next door doing landscaping work.  We went on a little trail ride and as we came back, I realized that the landscape work had escalated in to burning shit.  I don't know any horse that is absolutely thrilled with fire.  I think it started before we went on our trail ride, but there were bushes between us and the fire, so I didn't notice.  I did notice when the Skinny Guy took off at a high-kneed trot towards the fire and then slammed on brakes.

Double rainbow.
Big fire.

And Tuesday, I did a random workout that I found on PB Fingers.  It's an awesome, completely-horse-free blog about fitness and food and her dog and a little bit of fashion.  But she'll occasionally post the workouts that she's come up with and I did one titled "Burnin' Legs and Abs."  Two days later, I can't sneeze without my abs protesting the sharp movement.  I'm burnt out on lifting right now.  All I want to do is cardio, which seems completely atypical for me.  And run.  I want to run.

Also on Tuesday, I attempted an Indian curry crockpot meal.  I've since been told what I fucked up with it and why my vegetables come out as mush and why the whole meal was bland.  I like having friends who know more than I do.  I'll reattempt it at some point, but I still ate that crap for dinner and for lunch the next day.  Woo - saving money.

And, finally: another blog I follow.  Her facebook page came recommended to me as she's known for the Photoshop Actions that she sells  (I can't access facebook at work, but search "Florabella Collection".  She also takes phenomenal photos. So, I started following her business page. And then she moved to horse country and ended up rescuing a Friesian mare, named Willow.  That poor mare has a slew of health problems (EPM, choke, underweight).  They kept her at the trainer's barn for a while and then decided to move her (once she was well enough) to their own barn (doesn't Kentucky sound amazing?!).  Some point, this lady and I became actual FB friends (I think I made a comment about horses).  And what she lacks in experience, she makes up for with passion.  And she started a blog to document the rehabilitation of this mare.

So, longer story a tiny bit shorter:  they got a companion mare (another rescue) for Willow.  In establishing hierarchy, Willow got seriously injured.  As I type this, she's having surgery at Rood & Riddle (we all know R&R, right?) for a broken leg.  It puts things in perspective, but if you're the "warm wishes" sort, go give some to Willow's mom.

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  1. *big hug*

    I'll try to kidnap my farrier to GA. I added both blogs to my reader list (sheesh its getting long)

    1. I think you'll like PB Fingers because of the food and work outs. And, yes, please do kidnap. I didn't love the guy in Augusta (he oversaw the work being done by his employees, but didn't actually do the work himself). And I definitely don't love this guy.

  2. Sorry :( I'm a drama queen too when it comes to my horse's health and happiness if that makes you feel any better.

  3. Fingers crossed the vet has good things to say.

    Good farriers are invaluable!

    1. I want to go to farrier school and shoe my own damn ponies.

  4. Sorry for the vet drama :( Hopefully you can get it worked out! :)