Grump Removed.

Crazy eyeball.  And big ears.
My mood has improved by about 800%.  Seriously.  I think it was leftover funk from the weekend.

Proof?  This morning, I got flicked off by a very dainty hand attached to an Altima.  Instantaneous laughter erupted from my mouth; yesterday, I would have had to hide a body.

In looking at the bigger picture from yesterday's vent session, I'm really petty.  I can't believe I was upset that I wouldn't get to dip vegetables in expensive cheese.  Because.. uh.. we're going on vacation at the end of this month.  (This is where you go, WTF, Beka?! and I respond, bashfully:  I really like cheese.)

We fleshed out the details of the vacation last night.  I was putting my foot down, dammit, that this would be a reasonable vacation even though he swore there was no way he could be off for three days.  The plan, as soon as we figured out that the driving would only take four hours (versus the eight he originally told me) is this:  Sunday, February 24th, we'll drive in the wee hours of the morning to Orlando, FL.  We will be at the Universal Studios gate when they open.  We'll spend the day gallivanting around.  Stay until they close.  Hit the city for dinner and go to bed early.  Get up and get to the place before they open, again.  Stay until about five or six.  Then!  Go see Muse!  :)  Eat.  Sleep.  Start driving back to Savannah.  Stop off at the tack store in Jacksonville.  Squee with glee and try not to buy unnecessary things that will later inhibit my ability to buy gas.  Go home.

Sounds like a plan, right?

I was supposed to meet the farrier at lunch time today to get Archie's shoe reattached.  At this rate, I'm considering pulling the other one myself, but I figure that there is probably a difference between a hoof trimmed for a shoe and a hoof trimmed for barefoot walking.  He rescheduled for Friday and I allowed it because he's coming in from an hour away and he's pretty damn good at his job.  Also?  My horse kicked him in the nuts and I'm still ashamed (and proud) (and ashamed that I'm proud).

I was talking about goals with L. Williams yesterday and her Type A versus my.. B-.  I don't think I'm lazy (I'm probably lazy), but consistent organization and planning actually stresses me out a little more.  And if you don't have any tangible goals, then you can't fail at them.  Right?


  1. Post photos to my other website, Two Black Dogs Photography, more consistently.
  2. Apply for the HeARTs Speak amateur affiliation.
  3. Start annoying my friends to take photos of their dogs, cats, horses, lizards and other pets (possibly to include the children with just two legs).  Ask them kindly to sign waivers allowing me to use their pets for marketing and portfolio building.
  4. Get this little project licensed in the great state of Georgia.
  5. Get kick-ass branding stuff made: a header for the site, biz cards, flyers.
  6. Start actually charging, while holding true to my principle that a percentage of the proceeds will be given back to the Humane Society.

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  1. OMG... the harry potter section is my favorite part.. we spent like all day there when we were in the off season D:

    1. We're doing the Harry Potter section on day two. I'm stupidly excited. I've also been told to go to Jimmy Neutron and the Simpsons. Eek!