Hi-Ho Silver, Away!


I got an email this morning from someone interested in the Canon I put on Craig's List.  I'm sort of sad to see the camera go because D bought it for me as a wedding gift, but I figure the money is more important right now.  Also?  Can't keep everything the man buys me, can I?  (I totally could.)

I might have overwhelmed the lady (who asked if it had a screen on the back and an sd card slot, but is of the age to have newborn nephews) with information.  Like.. the manual.  And the lens I'd consider buying first, with a link.  Oh!  Newsflash!  I'm "her sort of person!"  I guess that means that I'm tapping into all that Type-A that surrounds me and being efficient or something.  Go me.

In talking to someone who is fresh on the photography scene, though, I've realized how far I've come.  I'm not awesome.  I still take shitty photos.  Photography is hard.  And I have to keep at it, keep taking photos, keep making adjustments.  But at least now, I understand what I'm doing to the point that I feel comfortable giving some tips to a newb.  (Is "newb" still a term used?)  If she (freakishly) has any questions about aperature or shutter speed or how to get bokeh, I feel that I will be able to answer them.  (Last night, I took two sets of about ten photos before realizing that I hadn't adjusted my white balance before coming inside and then going outside.  Hello, yellow and blue!)

So I talked to the vet yesterday.

Who completely did not back up my other vet.

And sort of supported the farrier in the cause.  Fucker.

I'm not going to apologize to the farrier for over reacting because, at some point, he disregarded my requests.  If you can't remember what shoes a horse is supposed to wear, you need to write that shit down.  And you need to be prepared for crazy horse-owners to go ballistic.  Because we do.

"My mom is crazy."
What else?

Oh.  So it's rainy and disgusting, so I might not be able to ride tonight  (bareback in a halter?).  But the plan for the next few days:  Saturday:  prepare for trip, drop girls off at boarding, ride, work out, leave BO Archie's beet pulp/alfalfa/SmartPak blend for Sunday and Monday.  Sunday:  leave at the butt crack of dawn (D said... 4:40 am?) for Orlando and have an ABSOLUTE BLAST at Universal.  Monday:  another blast at Universal followed by the Muse concert.  Tuesday:  Start the drive back to Savannah.  Stop at St. Augustine for photos and lunch.  Stop in Jacksonville for THE TACK STORE!  (I hope it doesn't suck.)  Pick up dogs, possibly ride pony if I'm still able to stand, possibly take photos at the Humane Society if we're back in time.  Wednesday:  Still off work!  Spend copious amounts of time napping and riding Archie.  Start boxing shit up.  Photos at the Humane Society.  Meet the housing inspector at 4 pm and prepare myself to climb on the roof and not get my hopes dashed!


Tortugas tanning.  Pinky on the left, Pokey on the right.

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  1. ahahaha the cat in the washing machine!

    Photography is hard. I laugh because photography is more accessible then ever but people still think most Fauxtos are the real deal. I cannot for the life of me take a decent photo with my phone, because a phone is not a camera. Give me a camera and that's a whole 'nother story.