Dude.  So many photos.  So many things to type about with our little vacation.  The concert (last night?!) was phenomenal.  But that's another post for a day when I'm slightly less bored.  Today, I wanted to share the second logo I got from the Etsy seller.  (Who, by the way, isn't endorsing this and probably wouldn't endorse my potty-mouth self.)

I was staring and staring and couldn't figure out what that stuff in the middle was.  Yeah.  It's totally a camera and I'm totally special.  I don't remember if I told him that one dog was significantly bigger than the other or if he went to my site (I referenced it).  Either way?  Awesome.  :)

Here's to being home and being able to ride the pony tomorrow.  Then a day off and ride all weekend!  Woo!  It's already Tuesday!

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  1. I didn't see the camera at first either, but so cool once I did! love it.

    1. Thanks! I am so super thrilled and already started using it!

  2. Didn't notice the camera either until you pointed it out. So cute!