Pony Ride & Pictures

We met my dad downtown last night, which inhibited my ability to ride.  Looking back, I would have had plenty of time, but we expected him earlier then he actually came.

Since they haven't been to Savannah very often, we took him and his girlfriend to a pretty tourist, yet pretty awesome, restaurant that brews their own beer.  Moon River.  I'm sure I've mentioned it about a million times because it's one of my favorite restaurants.  Pops ended up giving us a ton of cash over the table, for our housing inspection.  It was unexpected and very pleasant.

After dinner, we went home and they went to their hotel room.  I expected that we'd be going out drinking after dinner, but I was already tipsy from my two craft brews, so no partying was had.

We met them at a WaHo between the new house and their hotel room for breakfast.  A waffle with peanut butter!  Eggs!  Unsweet tea!  And then they followed us to the new house and we all peered in windows like the creepy stalkers we are.  It's hard to get people to be a hundred percent happy, so things were pointed out to me that I hadn't noticed before (like the multiple stumps in close proximity to the house).

Dad going to inspect what will hopefully be my future crape myrtles.
After they headed off to their bridge tournament, the hubs and I went to the gym.  Yay for leg day!  I can almost deadlift my bodyweight.

Don't want to get all TMI with y'all, but I'm developing a butt.
Lunch was a quiet, cheap affair involving baked sweet potatoes from the Farmer's Market and a fruit smoothie with protein and chia seeds.   I felt all sorts of healthy until we picked up cheap pizzas from Little Caesar's.

After it rained and the temperature was in the 40s, I decided to ride.  I didn't want to push him too much because he was incredibly stiff and it didn't seem fair.  We spent an extra amount of time warming up at the walk before I asked him to pick up a small trot.  And I made sure to counterflex him before we changed direction, so that shoulder/neck combo prepared itself for bend.

Yup, I'm a true Southerner.
It really felt like something clicked for him tracking right (The giant and profuse, "Good boy!"  The shift of my inside shoulder back, opening my chest to the bend?  The swift reminder of my right calf to get around the bend and not on it?).  We finished the trot work with his ears forward and with a big stride.  I finished the ride by walking him out to the road and back.  He had one moment where he slammed on the brakes, but he didn't spook.  He just stared like a llama.

I spent a lot of time stretching him out afterwards.  He's really getting a lot better!  There's this one stretch where you try to get them to reach towards their hind hooves and he's probably within a foot or two of succeeding.  And considerably more willing to try.

Tomorrow, we'll do a few downward transitions and then a little canter.  Soccer season starts!  (I'm not excited.  I think that's a sign.)

Annnnnnd.  The pictures.  I'm not enjoying it.  I'm not getting a response on it.  I'm getting bored with the whole thing.  So, I think I'm going to devote Sundays to doing a "photographic recap" and posting photos that I've taken throughout the week. 

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