"Two things are infinite:  the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."
- Albert Einstein

So.. bonus points to those of y'all that can spot a steel shoe.  Alas, it seems that I am not one of those people.  Let's go through a timeline:

2006:  Bought Archie and he starts aluminum in the front and steel in the back.
2010:  Moved the Archer to Sav'h.
2011:  Farrier and I try wedges on the front.  They fail.  Also, it's determined that he doesn't absolutely need back shoes, so they're pulled.  I also start a new job and am no longer able to make the farrier visits.  I realize after one visit that the shoe is the same shoe that he already had on.  Upon this realization, I ask him to stop resetting and my fee changes.  I mean, resetting aluminums is completely counterproductive, right?
2013:  I make my first farrier visit in over a year and realize that ponykins is wearing steel.

The science?  Steel is magnetic.  Aluminum is not.  I took a magnet out to the barn prior to calling the farrier.  We had a long (and emotional, on my end) conversation about this GIANT FUCKING MISCOMMUNICATION.  He keeps repeating that aluminums would do no favors.  I think about the extra money I've spent on not having the goddamn steel reset ($135) and the complete lack of faith I now have in my farrier.

He kept saying, "I'm sorry you're so upset."   I tried to articulate that I have spent so much time and money towards the comfort and well-being of my horse, only to realize that one of the pillars to this care was changed without my consent or even knowledge.

So.  Yeah.  Calling the vet tomorrow to get his opinion.

Butterfly magnet.

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