Today was too frazzling.

The most relaxing part was inadvertently sleeping in until about ten.  Then reheating leftover pizza for lunch.  Too many trivials?  Yeah.  Me too.

Today was a slam-bam, thank you, ma'am sort of day.

Lunch.  Rush to Humane Society.  Rush through about a dozen animals.  My helper today sucked.  I guess I should be grateful that I had a helper at all.

We left the HS and went directly to the gym.  He usurped me on the squat rack and I had to do lateral pull downs and some other random things until he got off it.  I fell like the squat rack has my name on it.  And my butt hurts.  :)

I realized that we were there for too long and pushed him out.  By the time we got home, I had all of half an hour to ride the pony.  This cold weather?  The Kid did not want to be rushed.  Ten minutes to groom and then twenty to ride.  Mostly walking with bend, bend, bend.  I forgot to mention it, but I raised my stirrups a whopping hole.  I lament that it was actually a hard adjustment and I finally feel sort of comfortable again.

I started riding with a longer stirrup when a friend gave me a dressage lesson a very long time ago.  She rode dressage when she was studying to be a vet tech and when I found that out, I begged until she consented.  Our scheduled worked out that she could come early one Sunday morning, which I fed for anyways.  So bottom line:  the barn manager showed up when I wasn't expecting her and wasn't super pleased when she thought that I was using an outside trainer (when I didn't even take lessons with the barn).  It was a rough morning, but I kept the long stirrups since them.

Any ways, after my mini-ride in the cold, I went to play soccer in the cold.  And then picked the husband up and ate Mexican and went grocery shopping.  I sort of hate that I wasn't able to spend as much time riding, but there's always tomorrow.  Thanks for the federal holiday, government.

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